YOU vs YOU – Pearls of Wisdom

YOU vs YOU – Pearls of Wisdom

Part 2 of our Review series: Some great quotables and pearls of wisdom to make you reflect, ponder and internalise, insha-allah

  • Don’t sell your aakhira for a current moment or pleasure.
  • You dont know how much time is left of your life. Your achievements are in the past. May people are prisioners of the past.
  • Before you give sadaqah, settle your zakah
  • Fast your obligatory fasts before the nafl fasts.
  • Never say ‘I have enough knowledge’.Keep yourself open to learning
  • If you are proud of your muscles, remember that the donkey carries more than you.
  • We put shackles around ourselves. Don’t be a prisoner to your current situation. The nature of life is that we get over difficulties.
  • Consider the Aakhira vs NOW! Are you procrastinating your salah or your deen.
  • Everything you do is either increasing your value to jannah or not.
  • A single muslim is greater in value than the Kaabah.
  • Some people spend their whole lives worshipping and dedicating all their time to materialism. Our lives should be that of nobility
  • Train yourself to say ‘La ilaha illallah’ and you will be able to say it. Some people will not be able to answer the questions in the grave.
  • Feed your body, but also feed your soul.
  • What allah has blessed you with, surpasses technology
  • Look at your patterns. What are you about? are you about skills or creativity. Eliminate things to see who you are.
  • Worship your lord till you die.
  • Don’t complain. As long as you are giving it your best, Allah will help you. Ask from Allah with determination.
  • Want to enter paradise? Imagine yourself there! and strive for it
  • You are not captive of this moment or the Duniya. If you fail one test, try again. Consider: how many chances does the disbeliever get.
  • What do you want from Allah? Ask for it and make pure intentions
  • Towhid can be defined as “La ilaha illallah”
  • Don’t utter things that will be against you on the Day of Judgment
  • Words are stronger than weapons
  • Money will never be decreased when you give Sadaqah. You never hear of anyone becoming bankrupt because they gave charity.
  • Be responsible for your choices. You don’t have a choice as to which hand you will recieve your book of deeds in. Imagine receiving it in your right hand. Let this be your dua. See yourself attaining jannah
  • The worst punishment is that you will not get to see Allah SWT
  • You can’t rely on yourself. You can only rely on Allah SWT
  • Everyone has a problem or something they are struggling with. Remember that you don’t have to be perfect.
  • Don’t be apologetic about Islam
  • Dear is certain. You should be ready.
  • You have no say in ‘time’. Manage your actions. Work on yourself. We all have equal time.
  • Every single day should be better than the previous.
  • The muslim is always productive. Plan your time.
  • Focus on good things daily. How can you be rememberd for 0ver 100 years – for reward/hasana
  • Ask with confirmed belief that Allah will answer your duas. Ask for the highest level of paradise.
  • Thinking that Allah won’t forgive you is the way of shaytaan to weaken you.
  • Allah loves you more than a mother loves her baby.
  • 1 bad deed = 1 bad deed. BUT 1 good deed = 10 reward
  • Don’t curse the darkness, light a candle.
  • Today is the favourite day of the believer
  • Shaytaan wants you to waste your time. Eradicate procrastination.
  • Plan for the future but remember that your strongest weapon is piety
  • Help others but not if it is to your detriment
  • Stay rational. Don’t make choices that put you at the risk of losing your imaan.
  • Anything you lose in the duniya, you can replace it. Believe that your value is within yourself and in your skills.
  • Change in Islam only means ONE thing. Improvement!

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