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Dua Toolbox: Salah & Parents

Muslimah Lifestyle’s Dua Toolbox brings to you 2 amazing duas from Surah Ibrahim. These duas appear in sequence within Surah Ibrahim and have great benefit and much gravity. Add these verses to your daily supplications, memorise them, save them on your phone, teach it to your children, insha Allah.   Surah Ebrahim, Verse 40: Dua for allah swt to make you and your progeny punctual in establishing the Salah. Surah Ebrahim , Verse 41: Dua for  forgiveness of yourself, your parents and the Ummah May Allah SWT reward our efforts and grant that we make the best duas for...

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How do you have a GREAT Ramadan? YOU PLAN IT!!

How do you have a GREAT Ramadan? YOU PLAN IT!! Ramadan – The month of fasting, the month of the quraan, the month of blessings, the month of giving, the month of Mercy – And many other descriptions that draw focus on the attributes of this month.  There are endless tips and hacks and pointers to have the best Ramadan, from the avenues of sleep and time management, right down to the supplications one should make. But how does one maximise one’s Ramadan avoiding aimless duties and cluelessness? Where does one begin without it being overwhelming? This article is for you!...

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Webinar Gems : Fifth Gear Day 2

Day 2 Day 2 of the Fifth Gear Webinar. With special focus on the final 10 days of Ramadan. See Post for Day 1 here Faria Alam   Life of your heart lies in the Quran, it provides you an amazing attachment to Allaah when the Quran is taken to heart Whoever turns away from the Qur’an and Allah (Swt), his/her life will be a life of hardship. Allah has kept happiness, only in His obedience! The quran is the healing of disease in our heart Abandoning Quran is abandoning pondering over it, understanding it, using it as a...

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Webinar Gems: Fifth Gear Day 1

Aligning focus to the last 10 day of Ramadan. Fifth Gear was an excellent webinar hosted by I am Alima.  A great line up of noteworthy speakers and lots of beautiful gems and insight to share. Some of these have been penned down by me, but the majority were comment submissions by other Sisters who joined in, on listening to this webinar.  I hope that they will benefit you, not as momentary quotables but rather enhance your knowledge and strive  for good deeds. Insha-Allah. Day 1 Haleh Banani In my first labour, Surah Maryam gave me the strength. If...

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Back to Basics: Convictions of being Muslim

What’s eating the ummah? Ramadan does not equate starving, it is a means feed your soul and ground yourself back to Islam. There are so many social, moral and psychological issues plaguing the ummah, yet by the mercy of Allah SWT we find ourselves blessed with another Ramadan, a chance to repent, to ground ourselves in deen and aspirations to be better muslims. On a day to day level, as people, we are afflicted with so many challenges. Everyone is at a different point in their imaan actualization. Some individuals are very strong and steadfast. Some individuals are struggling to establish their salah, some are struggling with hijab, and some are finding Ramadan to be a huge challenge and unable to annihilate ones nafs. Sometimes we need to shed our issues and confusion and go back to basics, by internalizing the fundamentals of Islam. For Ramadan and beyond we need to with conviction, attempt to fulfill the rights of being Muslim.   Fasting is a pillar of faith, but being Muslim is more than just fasting. The 5 pillars of islam are the fundamentals. These points of obligation cannot be stressed on enough. Kalimah Salah Zakah Fasting (in Ramadan) Hajj Daily we should recite our shahada and pray our 5 salah. Most people opt to give out their zakah during the month of ramadan. Fasting in the month of...

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