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No Sew Pin Cushion

Hijabi’s are constantly losing or misplacing their pins. Below is a nifty way to make a hijab pin cushion. Requirements: 1 Teacup A pretty piece of fabric Some Stuffing or batting that can be purchased at a fabric store or hobby store A Hair band See below   Source: Reader Contribution found online has no rights over the above...

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The Ramadan Muslim

Guest Contribution by Anonymous It’s the month of Rajab, a Shabaan away from Ramadhan. She is watching her TV shows, listening to her favourite music. She’s interacting freely with the guys and giggling with her female friends. To all outward appearances, she seems the quintessential ‘Good Times Girl’. Deen is the last thing on her mind, you think. And she may not even be wearing a hijab. You look at her, inwardly disapproving. “How some people can be so unaware of deen is beyond me”! We’ve heard the phrase before; it may have even passed through our own lips. Days go by and the 15th of Shabaan draws near. She mentions to you to remember her in your duaas that night and you grudgingly wonder how she even knows about this blessed night but over the next few days, nothing seems to have changed. Shes going on as she always has and you shake your head self-righteously. Then the crescent moon of Ramadan is sighted and like that sliver of moon adorning the sky, you see the good times girl donning a hijab. What’s this you wonder, sh’ell probably take it off after Ramadan. You see her abstaining from music and television and you barely stifle a derisive snort. She begins to say inshaAllah and Alhamdulillah and you remark to your friends that she now thinks she’s become “too...

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Lift your hands in prayer. Your Lord is Ever-Attentive

There are moments in life, when despairing of hope and frustrated by the circumstances we are in or the hardships we face, we sit on our prayer mat overcome with tears. It is that moment that we are closest to our Allah. For Allah is pleased when His slave begs of Him (Ta’aala). This begging, laying bare of our worries is a clear manifestation of dependance on Allah. At this time we are testifying that no human has the ability and power to assist us. We are testifying the Greatness of our Powerful Lord. Allah Ta’aala says in the Holy Quraan: And...

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Epic Journey: Gems from Surah Yusuf

Truly An Epic Journey, topics covered ranged from Importance & Duties to parents and other blessings from Allah to How to deal with Jealousy and controlling ones nafs. Some great Pearls of Wisdom from various students for your benefit InshaAllah! Allah will never let the efforts of a doer of good go unrewarded, Do not ever feel like your good deeds have gone unnoticed. Allah is All Knowing, All Seeing If shaytaan cannot attack you fully he will attack you partially. It is not sufficient to be inspired….INSPIRE YOURSELF INTO ACTION. Light illuminates but focused light cuts through steel. You can...

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