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A Brief History of Palestine – Part 1

A well researched journey through the History of Palestine by Islam without borders. Presented by Sheikh Muhammad Kalla. Topics outlined in the video:Why do we study history? The importance of the history of Palestine globally. The importance of Palestine in Islam. Is Palestine a geographical problem or is it a problem of the Ummah? Colonization and adulteration of historical data Рaltering the narrative. Outline for this...

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Covid-19: Guidelines for Mosques Reopening

Mosque Guidelines as supplied by the Jamiat ulama of South Africa -As South Africa eases lockdown restrictions and society has access to its religious infrastructures, its imperative to familiarize oneself with requirements should one be exercising the right to religion by utilizing these facilities. Great easy shareable infographic. Be alert, and keep safe at all...

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Covid-19: Corona Fiqh 1

Excellent resource. Sheikh Bilal Ismail talks about the latest fiqh and fatawa regarding Covid-19. Video covers the following: Preventative Measures: – Hand sanitizer with alcohol – Triming beard for Covid-19 masks – Social Distancing Related to Worship: – Suspension of Hajj & Umrah – Closing of Mosques – Jumuah Salah at home – Following an Online Jumuah – Joining between Prayers – Qunoot – Saying Takbeer Is Covid-19 a Ta’uun (plague)? If Affected: – Ventilator Allocation – Death of a Martyr? – Ghusl over the deceased – Shrouding – Janazah Salah upon the Gaaib (absent) – Burial   Credit:...

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Covid-19: Resources and Tips for Eid in Lockdown

Eid ul Fitr 2020 will be completely different to anything we have experienced . The Covid-19 Pandemic has necessitated adaptation to the lockdown constraints. Eid will lack the traditions like meeting friends and family and also attending the congregational Eid prayer. Here are some sources we’ve found online to assist you to prepare for Eid during quarantine. Guidelines for eid Salah by the MJC – Muslim Judicial Council Guidelines for Eid under lockdown by the Jamiatul Ulama of South Africa Ettiquettes of Eid Method of Eid Salah Eid Khutba And here are 5 Tips for an amazing Eid by...

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