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ITVSA Live : Gaza/Israeli debate with Dr ILan Pappe

In light of the Genocide taking place in Gaza, South Africa currently is honoured to have Dr Ilan Pappe (bio) as a guest. There are many upcoming events that will be posted as information becomes available to MuslimahLifeStyle. It is imperative that you avail yourself to support our ummah in Gaza – your support can be by growing your knowledge on the subject, attending marches, praying, giving charity towards organizations assisting in gaza, boycotting israeli products – to name a few. Professor Ilan Pappe, the famous Israeli historian and activist will be having a two hour debate with one...

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Ramadan Deeds While in Haidh/Nifaas

**A FEW PRACTICAL SUGGESTIONS OF GOOD DEEDS A MUSLIMAH CAN DO WHILST MENSTRUATING/POSTNATAL BLEEDING** There is reward in helping and being in the service of other people. This too is a type of worship and means of drawing closer to Allah Most High. If everyone is busy in personalized worship – superogatory prayers and recitation of Qur’an, then who will have time to assist their brother or sister in their needs, help the poor or hungry, and take care of other problems and issues of the community and society? The Prophet SAW said, “Allah is in the service/assistance of...

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For the Love (of Islam) – Bonaa Mohammed

Love? not that kind of love. This is a brilliant encapsulation of reverence of Allah SWT’s gift to us…Deen al Islam You should only say “I love you” when it is completely obvious, And does not actually need to be said. So I pray to God that I love her, Until my very last breath. Wallahi, she is perfect. Everything about her just makes perfect sense, And every time I get lost or confused, She is a true friend. Ever since I was a child, we used to study on the weekends. I mean some of the brothers liked...

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