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PTA Book Launch: A Fellowship of Faith

Traverse a remarkable and refreshing look at Surah Fathiha in “A Fellowship of Faith”  by Allie Khalfe.  His most recent publication is by far one of the most interesting journeys to expand your understanding of Surah Fatihah.  Give yourself the gift of elevating your bond with the opener of the Quraan and Majestic  interpretation to enhance your salah. Date: 12 August 2017 Time: 10:00 AM – 12:00PM Venue: Iqra Agencies, No 2 Laudium Plaza, Laudium, Pretoria. Tel: 0123742987 / 0825200786   Escorted by eighty-thousand Angels upon revelation, sūrah Fātiha is sacred to every Muslim and is read at least...

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Healthy Muslimah Summit 2017

Women Empowering Women to Greater ​Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Health Date: 29 July – 5 August, 2017. ONLINE FREE Time: 10:00 South African Time / 9:00 GMT Register online: Schedule: 29 July – physical health 30 July – Emotional Health 31 July – Emotional Health 1 August – Spiritual Health 2 August – Women’s Health 3 August – Birth and Breastfeeding 4 August – Family Health 5 August – Marital...

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Ramadan Photo a Day Challenge 2014

Ramadan Photo a Day on Facebook brings to you a Challenge for 2014. For each object, action, thought and feeling, there is an equal partner. It is in reflecting on this very pairing that we begin to understand the threads that cradle a balance between all things. Allah says, “And of everything We have created pairs; so that you may reflect.” [51: 49] May our pondering on the duality of existence, inspire each and every one of us towards the art of reflection. And may our reflection, deepen our understanding of ourselves and our Creator. Join the challenge on...

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