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Free Seerah Course: Love Muhammad

Want to learn about the Seerah? Sign up now, for a 13 part FREE Online Seerah Course titled : For the Love of Muhammad (SAWS) How to participate Register and you will be sent an email with the audio and video links. Click here to Register: Study the 13 videos/audios over the allocated time period. Do the online test to receive a certificate (optional) Rules Open to one and all – Muslims and non-Muslims across the globe. Watch or listen to 13 videos/audios. Complete and pass the test to receive a certificate...

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Webinar: As though it’s your Last Ramadan

  What if this Ramadan was our last? How would we treat it? What would we do differently? How outstanding would our prayers and fasting be? There are 6 things you can do right now to change your attitude walking into Ramadan. 6 tips. 6 principles. Join the webinar with Yasmin Mogahed to prepare for this Ramadan as though it was your last. Link: South African time: Tuesday, 16 April 2019. Time: 19:00 (+2:00...

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Solace 2015 | Wellbeing Webinar

An amazing webinar! The first of its kind – Psychological wellbeing from an islamic perspective. Upcoming online webinar, completely free over 3 days. Date:  29 May 2015-31 May 2015 Time: TBD Venue: Online – Webinar How can you raise your self-esteem? How does one deal with today’s youth? How do you resolve conflicts? Join this webinar for a first conference on Psychological Well-being presented by Islamic Online...

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Webinar: Healing Emotional Wounds

Are you suffering emotional pain and finding it difficult to move beyond the hurt and get on with your life? A special webinar: HEALING EMOTIONAL WOUNDS presented by Sr. Haleh Banani, M.A. Clinical Psychology, and learn how to move beyond the hurt and get back to emotional stability. APRIL 19, 2015 / 12 PM Central Time [USA / -8 hrs. Qatar time] Webinar Link: To check your local time: About the speaker: Sr. Haleh Banani, M.A. Clinical Psychology, combines the principles of psychology with Islamic methodology to help people overcome challenges and reach their full potential. Graduated...

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