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11 Common Hijabi Struggles

There are some hijabi struggles that are unavoidable and like to sporadically repeat themselves. Here are our  TOP 10. What’s yours? 1. Lost Pins. We don’t know where they go. We keep replacing them. But we always seem to run out. 2. Being stabbed in the head by a pin. This happens to everyone at some point. There are those days when you’re in a time crunch and you need to get done. Or those days when your hand slips and the pin jabs you in the head. 3. Storing your pins. Storing pins is always a mission.  It...

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10 Tips for the Ramadan Hijabi

Some sisters are attempting to wear the headscarf for the first time this Ramadan, Masha Allah. May Allah swt grant them the tawfique to carry this forward from Ramadan and into the rest of their lives. Allahumma Ameen. Here are some tips for those new hijabis wearing the ‘Ramadan Scarf’ Find a hijab style that suits you. Undercaps keep your scarf from slipping off your head. Mesh caps give you just the right amount of friction to keep the slippery scarves in place. (Order them from Muslimahlifestyle: Email : hasina[at] or whatsapp +27839990071 ) This Ramadan co-incides with winter....

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The Ramadan Hijabi

Ramadan is here! The days are  going by and the the internet is abuzz with many ways to maximise benefit of this glorious month. Ramadan, the month of the Quraan, the month of forgiveness, the month of Change. Subhanallah. We wade through life and often find ourselves questioning, ‘where do we resuscitate belief’. It has become so easy to get lost in a world that has turned us apologetic about islam, and our identity as Muslims. Ramadan the month of change should allow us the beautiful opportunity to assimilate our thoughts, to realign ourselves to the commands of Allah...

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Hijab for Beginners: Why wear it? What’s the big deal?

As individuals we are all at various points in our awareness as regards the Hijab. Many muslimahs are in denial of the fact that observing the Hijab is indeed obligatory and not a choice. Some make excuses for not wearing the hijab, inspite of knowing that it is obligatory. See our Post 30 excuses for not wearing the scarf – It is a humourous look at excuses use to avoid the scarf. The reality of it is … The hijab is more than just putting on a scarf. We want simplify our Hijab for beginners series to the easiest...

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