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Aakhira Goals: Death is Short

As the adage goes, Life is short, but that’s not really a thing – As a muslim, death is short. You are moving from the limitations of the duniya, to the vastness of the aakhira. Actual death is just a moment. The beloved prophet Muhammad SAWS passed away at age 62, in some narrations 63 years old. Consider your life – 63 years minus your current age. That’s how long you have to live, if you’re lucky, Gone are the times where people grew old and frail before passing away, many young people reach their demise with no health...

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Pre-Ramadan Challenge : 99 Names of Allah

It is 99 days until Ramdan here in South Africa. We bring to you a Beautiful Challenge! Learn the 99 Names of Allah  in 99 days. Insha allah. Have you always aspired to memorizing the Asmaa Ul Husnaa? Have you memorized it and you proficiency has become rusty over time? Perhaps you’ve forgotten most of it? Here is the perfect opportunity begin, by heart, refresh or dust off the cobwebs from your knowledge of the Asmaa Ul Husnaa. We’ve decided to join the challenge by  Haafidha Rayhaan Omar (visit her blog: Fee Qalbee) – Masha allah! May allah SWT...

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