Webinar Gems: Envy the overlooked sin

Webinar Gems: Envy the overlooked sin

  •     “The essence of hasad is that you want the other person to lose it and not have it, while you want to acquire it.”
  •   “Hasad is like a cancer. It not only affects you, but it also affects the people around you and the society at a large.”
  •     Hasad(from Ha-Seen-Daal)- A test from Allaah SWT. Desiring that a blessing be removed from someone else and be confined to him alone!Lets appreciate what bounties we have been bestowed with.
  •     “Envy is a ‘shaver’ – it destroys faith.”
  •     “Jealousy destroys good deeds just as the fire destroys wood.”
  •     “Destructive envy is haraam.”
  •     “Ghibtah is a permissible type of envy. You see a blessing that you want for yourself, but you don’t really want them to be deprived of it. And it can even be REWARDED if it is used rightly!
  •     There is no tranquility for the envious.
  •     “Envy causes hatred, animosity, and disobedience to Allah. Envy is what led to the first sin that was committed on the heavens and the earth.
  •     In the heavens, Satan was arrogant, and it was his jealousy (of Adam alayhissalam) that led him to disobey Allah.
  •     In the earth, Qabil was envious of Habil which led him to kill his own brother.    This shows that the ramifications of envy is very dangerous.”
  •     Beware of envying each other for indeed the basis of disbelief (kufr) is envy!
  •     Envy generally appears as a result of enmity, pride, self-admiration, and impurity of the soul. May Allaah SWT protect us all!
  •     “Envy may lead to low self-esteem, hatred/animosity to wards the other, inferiority complex, arrogance, and pride.”
  •     “Being amazed and astonished can also lead to being envious of the other person.”
  •     Arrogance is rejecting the truth and looking down on others.
  •     “To an extent, competition is healthy. But beyond a limit it can cause destruction. It can happen between children, siblings, co-wives, classmates, colleagues, etc.”
  •     “Our intention is to always please Allah subhanhu wa Ta’ala. No matter how much the creation praises us, none of it is going to matter on the Day of Judgment.
  •     Envy and its causes are calamities for faith.
  •     “Envy doesn’t guarantee evil eye. But envy harms the one who envies, when it is not the case for the one who casts evil eye.”
  •     “Envy can lead to one being a muflis. One who comes on the Day of Judgment with huge mountains and mountains of good deeds. But he could become bankrupt due to his envious nature.”
  •     “Envy can cause a dominoes effect.”
  •     “Jealousy is when you count someone else’ blessings instead of your own.”
  •     “Envy leads to sins, sins, and more sins.”
  •     Allah’s Messenger (SAW) said:
    “Beware of envy because envy consumes the virtues just as the fire consumes the firewood.” or he said (grass.) (Abu Dawud)
  •     “What we need is a Paradigm Shift. Turn the O of Obstacle into an O of Opportunity.
  •     “By being jealous, we are actually questioning the Justice of Allah.”
  •     Laa quwwata illaa billaah. “What Allah wills, there is no strength except of Allah.”
  •     “Contentment opens the door of peace, and security for the slave
  •     “Seek refuge with Allah the minute envy creeps in. Yusuf alayhissalam said “ma’adh Allah!” when he was trapped with the wife of the minister.”
  •     “Make du’a for yourself AND for the other whom you envy. When you make du’a for them, the angels say Aameen and they pray the same for you too!”
  •     “Shake hands and exchange gifts. They will dispel envy.”
  •     “Daily adhkaars are like the reward points that takes us to Jannah.”
  •     “Satan attacks us from all around us – behind, front, back , and left. But never from above. Because Allah’s Rahma descends from above.”
  •     A true servant of ALLAH cannot feel jealous – he is content with what ALLAH has chosen for Him, and for others.
  •     “Know that a true servant of God cannot feel jealous he is content with what God has chosen for him, and for others.”

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  1. Abdur Razak

    Assalamu Alaikum
    This is a very good article and I sincerely congragulate and will make dua for the writer of this article for his continued effort.I am a student of Islam and incapable to comment on this article.I was reading it with full concentration and when I came to the sentence “Shake hands and exchange gifts” it gave an impression that the practice the Christians exchanging gifts during Christmas is petmittef in Islam too. This is the image that would be formed in the reader and I think the author can rephrase that sentence by saying something it more Islamic. Give salam and invite friends for lunch/dinner and offer small gifts to dispel envy. I am not a writer and I may not have used the right choice of words. I think that particular phrase in the article would provide young readers an incorrect signal that Christianity practice of exchanging gifts during Christmas is accectable in Islam. We have to dispel anything that is unislamic to retain teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PUH).Ameen.
    Jazakallah bi Khair.


    • Hasina Suliman

      Wa alaikum salaam,
      jzk khair for your comment.
      Giving gifts is an islamic practise that promotes unity and good bonds between people. Please note there’s no mention of christianity or christmas in this article so that point is not related.

      khair insha-allah.


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