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All pictures with the Muslimah(Life)Style brand are all rights reserved. Should you want to use our pictures please contact style.muslimah[at]gmail[dot]com – Our team is more than pleased to aid you where possible but for administrative reasons we like to keep track of our material. Pictures without our branding are from the web. Should any of the images belong to you, please drop us an email and you will be duly credited.

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We showcase the Muslimah Identity but take no responsibility for anyone going out dressed like a disco ball. All the repurcussions of your dressing are your own to bear and by no means attached to Muslimah(Life)Style

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Our articles are all orignal works and are duly cited if not. We aim to validate our work and references with Sahih ahadith, and may Allah forgive us if we have faltered. Muslimah(Life)Style retains all rights to content on this blog, should you be re-posting to your own blog, we ask you to please link back to us and drop us an email request to repost our intellectual property.

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We strongly encourage attending of legitimate islamic events, however Muslimah(Life)Style takes no responsibilty for any sisters who transgress the permission of their mahram. Should you be keen to do event reviews please drop us and email. Should you be hosting an event and require us to list you on our upcoming events please don’t hesitate to contact us.


  • All contributors are duly credited for their works and retain copyright to their intellectual property



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