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Donate: 10 000 Books

  Muslim Women of Wonder Foundation, Dare2Read, Sister for Sister and Canary Melon Art is hosting a BookCampaign 2017. They are a proudly South African non-profitable Organizations that are firmly built on putting a smile on every face. They are a group of ladies concerned about the welfare of society and who are passionate about addressing the moral degeneration of society. The 10 000 Book Campaign aims to collect 10 000 reading books and to distribute it to schools who have no access to receive reading material’s or books and promoting the importance of a strong culture of reading...

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ProjectHygiene fully endorses this iniative and encourages our readers to give generously. Insha Allah Personal Hygiene is something we take for granted, yet there are many individuals who cannot afford basic requirements like soap, razors, toilet paper or even feminine hygiene products.  Cleanliness is a fundamental part of day to day life for everyone. This is your opportunity to get involved in #ProjectHygiene.  This initiative, #ProjectHygiene is still in infancy stages and is headed up by 2 young ladies, Natheefah Maroof  and Naseera Mohamed (view flyer for their contact details) A donation of R70 is enough to comprise one...

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Request for Sponsorship- ‘Sisters of Africa’ Programme

‘Sisters of Africa’ 2014- with Zain Bhika Request for Sponsorship- ‘Sisters of Africa’ Programme The Masakhane Girls’ Committee was formed to enrich the lives of the teenage girls who attend the Verulam Islamic Institute (VII). Just as the word ‘masakhane’ suggests, enrichment is offered to develop the young women in all aspects and is ongoing. One of the programmes arranged annually by the Masakhane Girls’ Committee is held in Ramadaan which brings together about 600 females of different ages to spend time together sharing their common sisterhood. The programme brings sisters from organizations like WAMY, VII, As Salaam, South...

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1man 1can for Syria

Fellow South Africans! In August 2011, the 1man1can initiative asked you, our countrymen, to open your hearts to the people of famine stricken Somalia. Within a matter of a few weeks, we witnessed the renowned generosity that South Africans are revered for. You dug deep into your pockets, emptied your wallets and your pantry cupboards and stepped forward as a united nation to assist another in dire need. It is now with great sadness but with great hope that we ask of you again. This time for Syria. A small country just east of the Mediterranean. A country ravage...

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Sadqatul Fitr / Fitra / Fidya – South Africa Ramadan 2012 / 1433

Gauteng KZN WC Shafi  R21.00  R21.00  R28.00 Hanafi  R16.00  R16.00   Fitra Parcel Packing Come as a family … they need plenty of hands!! Gauteng (Packing 2600 hampers to the value of R1 million)  Roshnee (Civic Centre) – 9 August @ 9am  Benoni (Bazme Adab Hall) – 9 August (time to be confirmed)  Laudium (Himalaya Secondary School) – 11 August @9am  Lenaisa (Trade Route Mall) – 11 August @ 9am  Fordsburg (Fordsburg Primary School) – 11 August @9am KZN (1000 Hampers are to be distributed.) Durban Fitra Packing at the Woodhurst Musjid Hall in Chatsworth on Friday 10 August...

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