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You vs You – Cape Town highly recommends this course for all ages and all walks of life: –  professionals, students and even for children as young as 12 years old. Learn how to prioritise your life and be an exemplary individual.

From the Johannesburg course a revert student commented ‘This was exactly what I needed since becoming muslim. I struggled with identity and moving my mindset to an islamic mindset’

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AREES University will take you on a journey like no other: YOU vs YOU, by Dr. ‘Isam Rajab.

This is a 16 hour course which will transform your life forever!


  • You: Who are you? Do you really know yourself? Are you aware of what you are capable of doing?
  • Your Mission and Vision in Life: Develop a mission and a vision for your life that will draw you near yo Allah and benefit others.
  • The Secret Law of Attraction: How to attract success and get it. How this secret works and people who have used it. The islamic perspective of harnessing successs
  • Procrastination: What is it and how to avoid it. Shaytaan wants you to waste your time. Live a productive life
  • Effective Planning: get things done!
  • Change Within: improve your current situation and change things to your benefit.

You can fill out the registration form only and pay at the door, or you can register and pay directly in one step online!

For registration only, please fill out our Registration Form. For online registration & payment, please see the course page.
Call 0746669452  |or | 0739710877 to register

Course fee: ZAR 250

Hours of Instruction: 16

Dates: 6th & 7th October  2012
  Burnley Lodge , Cape Town – South Africa


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  1. Nawaar

    I would like to know if the series will be made available via other media for those who can not attend?

    • Hasina Suliman

      Assalaamu Alaykom
      unfortunately it won’t be available.
      Attending the course gives you access to notes, live lecture on the day of the course, and free ebooks. Insha-Allah



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