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JHB: Keep Calm & Learn Arabic

Step into the world of Arabic 1. Break the mental block that Arabic is too difficult 2. Understand Madinah Arabic Book One & portions of Book Two 3. Understand the Quranic & Prophetic text examples 4. Appreciate the sophistication of the language 5. Gain familiarity with basic Arabic words, sentences and phrases 6. A greater understanding of the often-repeated phrases in prayer 7. Increase the love for the Arabic language   Date: 11 -12 August 2018 Fee: R350 Register online:...

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JHB: The Month of Mercy

Ramadan is the joy of every Muslim who aspires to worship his Lord and wipe away his sins. The most virtuous month in the year, the companions would pray upto 6 months prior to its advent for Allah to allow them to witness the coming Ramadan In this special one day course you will learn the fiqh of Ramadan You will also learn the secrets to a successful month of fasting and worship with practical tips to make this Ramadan one to remember. Learning the fiqh of fasting is essential to perform this great act of worship with utmost...

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Book Review: His other wife

Trailer Synopsis: Jacob and Deanna are a power couple. Aliyah is Deanna’s best friend…whom Jacob wants to marry. Expanded and continued beyond Umm Zakiyyah’s popular online series by the same name, His Other Wife is a story about love and betrayal, faith and personal crisis, and withstanding deep emotional wounds. Jacob is a successful businessman and college professor, and his wife Deanna is a renowned marriage counselor and author. Together they are their Muslim community’s power couple. Aliyah is Deanna’s recently divorced best friend who has just accepted a position at the college where Jacob works—and who is the...

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DBN: Mothers of the Nation

In this course, the modern Muslimah reflects on the lives of the Prophets wives.  Extremely insightful. Equipping you with different perspectives to deal with the challenges of life. This course is for men and women. Date: 6 May 2018 Venue: Old Al Ansaar Hall Time: 8:30 am to 18:00 pm Register online: or watsapp 0820600031 Email: What will you learn?   The trials of a Muslimah trying to affirm her Islamic Identity in a century where she is burdened by society’s perception of how she should look, think and act is no easy feat. The role of...

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DBN: Tajweed Course

The ILM-SA Tajweed classes for women with Ruqayya Paruk begin on Tuesday, 17 April 2018. Dates: Tuesday 17th April 2018 to Tuesday 5th June 2018 (7 lessons) Venue: Upstairs classroom at NMJ Islamic Centre Times: If you’ve studied Tajweed with Ruqayya: 8.30am to 9.45am If you’re a newcomer: 10am to 11.30am Cost: R350 for the entire course (let ILM-SA  know if you can’t afford the fee) To register: Whatsapp 0832714500 What students have to say about these classes Student 1 “Alhamdulillah, these Tajweed classes have really helped me reconnect with our Divine Book.  Sister Ruqayya is extremely patient and her classes are...

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