Hoodie Hijab Fashion

Hoodie Hijab Fashion

Hoodie hijab fashion seems to be on the upscale with more muslimahs aiming to opt for easy pull on hijabs. Initially mini burkahs were the in-thing. They moved into availability of an array of colours and designs stitched into the burkah. Soon the hijab cap followed with a drapable scarf attachment. These were soon replaced by pin-free hijabs which rendered more and more South African muslimahs tending towards wearing the headscarf. Pin free scarves moved out into brands and personal brand creation. While hoodie hijabs are beautiful and easy to wear, they have not as yet hit South Africa by storm.

Muslimah LifeStyle has scoured the web and pinterest for some fashionable hijabi hoodie pictures that range from casual wear to formal wear.

hoodie 13

Full piece inner with sleeves, topped with a vibrant zip up hoodie. Longer lenght in the front allows more coverage.



Denim skirt teamed up with a hoodie top. Long sleeve inners, and a flower accessory on the side.



Hoodie dress. Perfect for the colder regions. Wear a ninja burkah or short burkah for neck coverage. Easy loungewear made of tracksuiting


hoodie 17

Street Style, Alladdin or Spanish pants teamed ups with a longer sleeved inner. Ninja head coverage and a hoodie scarf.


Red and black hoodie scar and snug fit burkah. 2 solid colours adding contrast. Great coverage for the front. Can be dressed up for formal or workwear, or dressed down for casual wear.


Hoodie2 dress

1 piece hoodie dress with additional burkah or ninja inner for full coverage. Beautiful for evening. Team up with a pair of heels or bling bling accessories


Casual knee length tracksuit style hoodie, with front pockets. Great with wide pants or wide leg jeans




Sleeveless hoodie dress with an inner and additional snug fit head and neck coverage

hoodie 18

Hoodie hijab style on the runway at Jakarta hijab fashion week 2013.

All pictures are credited to Pinterest boards and Google.

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  1. fadia

    Salaams where can you purchase these hijaabs

  2. raziah

    slmz . where can I purchase the red and black hoodie in the pictures above


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