The Ramadan Hijabi

The Ramadan Hijabi

Ramadan is here! The days are  going by and the the internet is abuzz with many ways to maximise benefit of this glorious month.
Ramadan, the month of the Quraan, the month of forgiveness, the month of Change. Subhanallah.

We wade through life and often find ourselves questioning, ‘where do we resuscitate belief’. It has become so easy to get lost in a world that has turned us apologetic about islam, and our identity as Muslims. Ramadan the month of change should allow us the beautiful opportunity to assimilate our thoughts, to realign ourselves to the commands of Allah swt, to persevere in modesty.

For the sisters, this is the ideal opportunity for you to rid yourself of the procrastination. Are you putting off wearing the scarf for some day? Let Ramadan be your starting point. For sisters wanting to wear the niqab, take that step this Ramadan. Some sisters may only wear the scarf for ramadan,but it’s a first step  to try harder.  Insha-Allah


VERY IMPORTANT! There is no such thing as looking ugly in the scarf.

Here are some tips for those new hijabis wearing the ‘Ramadan Scarf’

  1. Find a hijab style that suits you.
  2. Undercaps keep your scarf from slipping off your head.
  3. Mesh caps give you just the right amount of Friction to keep the slippery scarves in place. (Order them from Muslimahlifestyle)
  4. This Ramadan co-incides with winter. Try soft, lightweight pashmina style scarves. They’re great for warmth and are available in a variety of thicknesses to suit your climate
  5. Short burkahs. NO mess! NO fuss! No pinning!
  6. Neck coverage teamed up with a scarf. Doubles up for warmth.
  7. Prettypins brighten up your hijabstyle. But don’t wear pins that are as large as sattelite dish 😉
  8. Plastic Shayla pins won’t damage your scarves
  9. Alice bands will keep your Scarf in place and you won’t need to struggle with pins
  10. Colorful undercaps can be worn for an easy layered look. Simply drape your scarf and allow the front of the cap to be visible.

Join our Hijab and Niqab Support group on Facebook (Women only)

Should you want to attend a hijab tutorial drop us a msg in the comments section with your details. Your details will not be published to the web. For the moment our tutorials are only available in Durban.

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  1. fatima

    Salaams I’m one of those who said I will never wear a cloak
    Shukar from the time I was in school I wore scarf last year took a step and started wearing a cloak full time shukar I’m very content
    May allah give every one the courage• In sha allah soon the next step in niqaab


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