Hijab for Beginners: Why wear it? What’s the big deal?

Hijab for Beginners: Why wear it? What’s the big deal?

As individuals we are all at various points in our awareness as regards the Hijab. Many muslimahs are in denial of the fact that observing the Hijab is indeed obligatory and not a choice. Some make excuses for not wearing the hijab, inspite of knowing that it is obligatory.
See our Post 30 excuses for not wearing the scarf – It is a humourous look at excuses use to avoid the scarf.
The reality of it is … The hijab is more than just putting on a scarf.

We want simplify our Hijab for beginners series to the easiest form for our readers to understand it, so in this post we will focuss on 3 parts to it.
1. The religious obligation.
2. The base levels
3. What’s the big deal about Hijab?

1. Religious Obligations

There are many references straight out of the Qura’an but for this post, we are going to rather focuss on the basics so you can wrap your mind around it, insha-Allah.

Allah SWT has created us for the sole purpose of worshipping him.
Allah has detailed how to worship him in the Quraan.
The worshipping of Allah is by following his rules (commands)
It is a command to wear the hijab.

2. The base levels of being human

On the moreĀ  base levels there are things to consider like, temperature, summer, winter, comfort, and even fashion. Women are beautiful, they want to dress beautifully, they want attention, they want the opposite gender to develop at interest in them. These are normal carnal inclinations of humans but it sometimes becomes a reason to delay the positive change for the pleasure of Allah.

Its too hot? Find a thin scarf
Its too cold? wear something with more insulation
Summer? tie your hijab in a way that’s airy
Winter? try a snood!
Comfort: wear a scarf that doesn’t scratch you, is cofortable, doesn’t need alot of pins, isn’t heavy on your head.
Fashion: whats the in color for the season? can you customise your clothes to those colours? Of course you can.
Public resistance due to living in a western country will be addressed in another post.

3. What’s the big deal?

The hijab has become a big deal for those wearing it and are being oppressed by the western world. For those not wearing it for they are disobeying Allah SWT. For those who feel ugly in the hijab, it is a big deal because it comes with personal challenges. For those who think men will not look at them if they cover their hair, it is a big deal. For those sisters living in places where the scarf has been banned in public places, it is a big deal. How much attachment you place on the islamic fundamentals is directly proportional to how much it affects you and your life.

The biggest obstacle is that alot of women don’t want to wear the hijab. If they wanted to wear it, they would find a way to make it work. They would strive to slowly implement it into their lives, with the mindset of ‘i am trying to obey Allah SWT’ – and that mindset will enable them to go forward and find a style that suits them, find a scarf they like, find a new fashion sense and make it work to fit their Muslimah(Life)Style. Contrary to the western academic outlook and the corporate spaces that muslim women are in, you can have that accomplishment as well as be muslim. Many are deluded into thinking that they can’t merge the identity or that they will be less credible. Yes there is resistance to the hijab in many spheres, but if you consider the duress that Nabi SAWS and the predecessors of the ummah have experienced in order for islam to reach us, we have to question: ‘Are we really doing any justice to upholding the laws of islam let alone obeying the commands of Allah SWT?’

Remember, the single greatest pleasure in the Aakhira it so see Allah SWT. If we can’t strive to please Allah in our lives in the dunya, how can we expect to be deserving of that pleasure in the Aakirah? Food for thought!

May Allah SWT have mercy on our human weaknessesĀ  and may we be granted the Hidayah to uphold the commands of Allah SWT. We make dua that our Imaan be strengthened and that all muslimah’s are guided towards modesty, Insha-Allah

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