Hajj series: Useful Arabic Words/Phrases for Hajj

Hajj series: Useful Arabic Words/Phrases for Hajj

The idea of being in a foreign country can be daunting, more so if you don’t speak or understand the language. If you know arabic, alhumdulillah, you should have little or no problem. If you speak Urdu or other indian languages you will be able to get by as well.

To ease the worry, I’ve decided to share some pointers to help you along on  your trip.

Know how to count to 10 in arabic, it helps alot when shopping

  • 1 – Wahad
  • 2 – Ithnaan
  • 3 -Thalaatha
  • 4 – Arba’a
  • 5 – Khamsa
  • 6 – Sitta
  • 7 – Sab’a
  • 8 – Thmania
  • 9 – Tis’a
  • 10 – ‘Ashra

Hurry up/ quickly – Yallah

habibi = dear

Yallah Habibi = hurry up dear

Shueyyah (pronounced shwayya) – excuse me/ move over

Where is the toilet: (ayn al-ḥammām?)

Toilet or Whudu area: Hammam

Good morning: ṣabāḥul kẖayr

I don’t understand: lā afham

Tareeqa Hadj – Give way hajji or open the way for someone to pass you

How much is this? : Kam Hatha (pronounce kam haza)

Tareeq Haram: Way to haram?

Sabr: wait, have patience, wait your turn, be silent

La! – no

Na’am – Yes

Kabeer – big

Sagheer – small

Hadiyah – Gift

Junoobi Afrik – South Africa

La moshkelah – NO problem

I’m lost – Ada’tu tareeqi!

Sayyarah – Car/Taxi/transport

I don’t understand: La afham!

Don’t worry: La taqlaq

I feel sick : ana mareed

I need a doctor – ahtaju tabeeban!

When shopping, bargain for number of items:  Kam 10 piece,  Kam 20 piece, then ask for ‘Last Price’ that’s the lowest rate.

The bill – El Hesab

barakallahu feek! – Blessings of allah upon you

Help me – Sa’adni (masculine) Sa’adini (feminine)

Many / Alot – Katheer

Chicken: dajaj
Beef: Lahem baqir
Lamb: lahem kharouf
Fish: samak

Tea: chai
Coffee: qahwa
Water: ma’a

Maafi – Sorry

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  1. Muhammad Mustafa

    “kabeer” means large/big and “sagheer” means small

    and if you want to say you are sorry use “ma’ laysh”

    the rest is ok 🙂

  2. Muhammad Mustafa

    “kabeer” means large and “sagheer” is small

    and if you want to say you are sorry use “ma’ laysh”

    the rest is ok 🙂

    • Hasina Suliman

      oh, then i suppose the stores are arranged from big, bigger, biggest! 🙂
      thank you for the pointer brother 🙂



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