Hajj Series: Haidh (Menstruation)

Hajj Series: Haidh (Menstruation)

Disclaimer: Muslimah(Life)Style holds no accountability for any health complications resulting from you implementing our pointers.

One of the worrying aspects of hajj considering women is the topic of menstruation. This post is very close to the time of hajj so it will not be sufficient to advise on control options in relation to delaying ones cycle.  We’ll be steering clear of the Fiqh aspects of this as there is a difference of Opinion but the majority prefer to delay or alter their cycle so that it does NOT coincide with the 5 Hajj Days. This of course depends on the individual and we hold no responsibility for your decisions

The Pill

Some contraceptive options will not agree with your body and you might have breakthrough bleeding if your pill is not strong enough. It is best to consult with your Medical practitioner over this BEFORE you leave on pilgrimage. Seriously!! Finding a Doctor in Saudi where you’re able to communicate with them in English might be difficult so please take the necessary advice and precautions while you’re still in South Africa.

The Injection
If you have taken the injection, please ensure that the window of prevention does not expire during your 5 days of Hajj. If your calculations seems uncertain buy a bottle of Primolut

Delaying or stopping one’s cycle on hajj

Alot of people are advised to take Primolut. It is available over the counter at pharmacies in Makkah as well as Madina.  It serves as a means to stop ones cycle. Bear in mind as long as you’re taking premulut you will not bleed, but the moment you stop taking it there will be an onset of your cycle. Again… please contact your medical practitioner with the necessary questions, especially if you’re trying to conceive or if you’re going through menopause. Primolut is alot cheaper to purchase there, instead of in South Africa.

Feminine Hygiene Products


Pads are available in Saudi Arabia. If you’re used to a certain brand you might want to take them along.
There are NO TAMPONS available in Makkah or Madina.
Carry pantyliners with you. They’re an easy way to keep fresh during the time when you are in Ihraam.

Your pill to delay your cycle may not work if you’re on anti-biotics and you may have breakthrough bleeding.
Everyone falls ill during the hajj trip so keep a bottle of premulut in case you need it as the effectiveness of your pill is compromised by your antibiotic

In Makkah and Madina the sewage system is normal like that of South Africa. Each toilet is fitted with a pipe or tap for istinja. Be sure to check the waterpressure before you go so as not to give yourself an enema or hurt yourself in the nether regions

The toilet systems in some places are a longdrop (eastern toilet pan), you need to be aware of this during your pilgrimage. Keep your feminine hygiene products in a plastic bag (packet/shopping bag) to ensure that you don’t expose it to germs or to the possibility of getting infection.

In Azizya there are flushable toilets but their sewage system does not allow for deposit of tissue and the water pressure does not break down the tissue. I know it sounds challenging, but its do-able.  Here you need to take care to dispose of your sanitaryware into the bins and be conscious of sharing communal bathrooms. Keep it clean

During the 5 days of hajj, if you’re menstruating, take the necessary measures in the bathroom so as not to compromise your own health as well keeping your ihraam clean.

There will be a post on using the toilets and what to expect soon

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  1. Mercedes

    Jazakullah khair for this post, I am now in my planning stages for this year’s Hajj, may Allah open the doors for me. For me it was hard to plan my trip around when I am expecting my menses, to be able to allow for tawaf. So I asked my OB/GYN, she’s Muslim, alhamdulillah. She started me on something and told me about her blog to help other women who don’t know a Muslim OB/GYN. Just wanted to share for those women who my find themselves in my predicament…www.muslimobgyn.com



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