Free Webinar: Life of Jesus & Mary

Free Webinar: Life of Jesus & Mary

Too often, the discourse of Jesus peace be upon him and Mary peace be upon her has been boiled down to the fact that Muslims do not take them as gods besides Allah while most Christians take Jesus as a god and some even take Mary as a god as well.

However, what doesn’t come under much discussion is that both of them, peace be upon them both, are a great part of our tradition as well. Jesus peace be upon him is one of the five mighty Messengers of God, while Mary (peace be upon her) is one of the four greatest women that have walked the face of this earth.

How much do we know about them? Who are Jesus and Mary, according to the Quran and Islamic tradition?

Attend an evening of inspiration, where we will discuss the lives of Jesus and Mary and take lessons from their lives to benefit us. We will also be looking specifically at how they called their people to the worship of God.

Our speakers for the night will be,

Ustadh Ismail Kamdar will be speaking on Jesus peace be upon him
Sr. Faria Alam will be speaking on Mary peace be upon her.

Date:  6th of December

Time: 16:00-18:00 (GMT +2:00)

Link to attend the event-

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