Muslimah Friendly Facebook Groups

Muslimah Friendly Facebook Groups

Groups for Muslim Women only : –

  1. Muslimah Gardeners & Enthusiasts

    A vibrant group to share your green adventures. It’s all about green, healthy and natural here so please feel free to share your garden tips and tricks as well as your explorations for health naturally! feel free to add like minded muslimahs to the group! Ps: Don’t forget to post pictures of all your fabulous plants!

  2. The Pregnant Muslimah
    A closed group that allows you privacy to discuss your pregnancy concerns, advice and more.
  3. Hijab & Niqab Support Group
    Share your hijab find, trends and woes in this closed group that affords you privacy to  explore your hijab interests, hijab fashion and more. Great support for all sisters who are newbie hijabis, or just need some encouragement and advice.
  4. Cape Town Muslim Women Empowerment Network
    As women, we have a strong motivation to take the initiative of sharing our enthusiasm to inspire our communities towards the upiftment of women and youth. We are enganged in the development of leaders for public innovation and emerging leaders themselves. Please join this group as they embark to gain a deeper understanding of the roles of women which we undergo socially as well as culturally

    And of course one for foodies 🙂

  5. Swop Cooking Ideas
    The worst part of cooking is trying to figure out what to cook! Just share what you have made with or without a recipe and you could make some elses brain wrecking experience less painful :-).

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