Drops of Guidance – Pearls of Wisdom

Drops of Guidance – Pearls of Wisdom

Pearls of Wisdom from the Drops of Guidance course


  • Logic as human beings – Our own logic is not better than the decree of Allah (swt)
  • Salah and imaan are very closely related
  • When you look at the transliteration of the quraan, you don’t get the tajweed from it.
  • Is the English quraan a mus’haf? NO!
  • The sincere person is the one who hides his good deeds just like he hides his evil deeds
  • Accept that all people are different
  • Being Muslim is not enough to believe you are going to paradise, you have to work at it and earn it
  • We have to constantly be judging ourselves so that we can improve ourselves. Focus on our own self, and not fault finding in others.
  • The affirmation of faith is actually a negation (of all else)
  • Qadr cannot be used as an excuse for sinning
  • In talking about the stars, astronomy, astrology… you can end up in shirk.
  • The pillars of faith are the minimum obligatory amount of worship
  • If your belief in one of the pillars is missing, then your imaan is incomplete.
  • As a student of knowledge you are like the full moon during darkness.
  • Make Tawba, ask allah (swt) to change your heart and fulfil the conditions of tawba.
  • Don’t use ibadah as a means of committing sins. Eg. Giving charity to gain recognition.
  • A muslim must always be on guard and never be arrogant thinking that he had done enough to save himself from the hell fire
  • Angels have the faculty of choice
  • Have hope in Allah (swt)
  • Some people think of qadr, but forget to have hope or trust in Allah (SWT)
  • Be careful of what the whispers (waswassa) are telling you in your mind
  • Don’t let shaytaan trick you. Look at your intention
  • Reminding yourself of Allah (swt) eg. Making dhikr will help you cure ostentation
  • Make istigfaar whilst walking the street
  • Create a spiritual growth list.
  • Every single thing you do, you do for the sake of Allah (swt)
  • Allah (swt) has given us the ability to recognise riyaa within ourselves
  • Remembering Allah (swt) in a way that is not from the sunnah, should not be done.
  • A means to an innovation is also a bid’ah
  • The prophet SAWS only performed tarawih with the companions 3 times
  • An new way of sinning is not regarded as an innovation because it is NOT worship
  • Place for the intention is in the heart
  • Speech of the heart is your belief. Speech of the heart should reflect in your actions.
  • Statement to enter into the state of ihram is different to intention
  • To testify something in Islam, it has to be outward
  • Imaan fluctuates: it goes up by the obedience to Allah (swt). It goes down by disobedience to Allah (swt)
  • Modesty is an action of the heart
  • Qadr is not something to be argued and debated
  • There is no need to blame someone or something when something bad happens. Accept that there is wisdom and goodness in it, even if you cannot comprehend it.
  • It is not the goodness or the badness of na action that makes it a bidah, rather the newness of its introduction into the deen is what matters. Islam is perfect as it is, adding to it is uncalled for
  • Allah (swt) will question what did we do with our blessings. What will our answers be? Have we prepared for this?
  • Do things (ibadah) a level at a time until they become automated. Build yourself up slowly with dedication.
  • Praying your sunnah wil safeguard your fardh
  • If you are not sure about something, don’t be afraid to say ‘I don’t know’
  • Islam is not about running away from allah (swt) , it is about running towards him instead.
  • Accept whatever allah gives you and move on
  • When you skyrocket your imaan, the only place for it to go is down. Be consistent


The simple before the detailed

The basics before the complicated

The authentic before the doubtful

A Madhab before the Comparison



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