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“And We’ve certainly made the Qur’ān easy…” *T’s & C’s Apply

Bismillāh, waSalātu waSalāmu ‘alā Rasūlillāh. I’ve always battled with this concept of the Qur’an being easy, because most huffādh/hāfidhāt will tell you that it’s the most challenging thing they have experienced. They mean it was difficult, but prefer the synonym of “challenging” out of respect, I suppose. Well I’ve finally come to realize is that Allah has indeed made it easy BUT, (like most deals), T’s and C’s apply! It’s not the Qur’an which is difficult to memorise or study, but rather the T’s and C’s that are onerous to adhere to. It most definitely will be easy if you understand and accept...

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Wisdom from Tafseer Surah Taha

Tafseer Surah Taha  course in Durban by AlKauthar Institute was an extremely interesting course which traversed the chronicals of the Prophet Musa AS. Conceptualization of tests and struggle, the understanding of tawhid, qada and qadar presented in an easy to grasp manner for the student. Lots of amazing dawah tips, and key points to take and implement into ones life going forward. The course closing on the most profound point: Firown was given 9 signs (Ayaat) and the student was given 135 Ayaat (every verse is a sign from Allah) in the Surah. What will you do with these...

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Verse of the Day : Women

There are all sorts of women in the world. The world perspective of women has evolved over many eras where women were oppressed, enslaved, witch-hunted; they were not granted rights in marriages or in society. Islam was the pinnacle of revolutionalizing the world and the way women are treated. Islam set a standard and a benchmark that western society has yet to...

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Do you need advice?

Advice? Do you need advice? Who do you turn to? Often we turn to people who make up our trust circle. On a deeper level, HOW DO WE TURN TO ALLAH? Where do we find avice from Allah? Life is full of uncertainty, and the intrinsic part of life is to internalise your experiences and try to make the best of it. Try to grow and adapt to situations. Often these situations are not within our control.  Allah swt has given us numerous advices in the quraan, it is after all the words of Allah swt and we need...

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