Epic Journey: Tafseer of Surah Yusuf – Day 2

Epic Journey: Tafseer of Surah Yusuf – Day 2

Day 2 of the epic journey sees the pace pick up as we delve further into the surah. Shaykh Sajid Ahmed Umar briefs the audience on Mercy Mission and their projects. AlKauthar is the knowledge portfolio of Mercy Mission.
Mercy Mission has subsidised half the cost of the course per attendee. Alhumdulillah they are making much effort to pave the road to benefit the ummah on multi-levels. May all those involved be rewarded for their efforts, Insha-Allah. Their work is commendable, and very future-visioned. Mercy mission affords opportunities to physically challenged people as their social responsibility.

The course in itself is structured to not only allow the student to internalise the tafseer of Surah Yusuf, but also implement its lessons and pointers into our lives as well as tweak our character to have more patience, endurance, giving thanks to Allah for his countless mercies upon us. Some verses are short and easy to internalize while others require you to apply your mind.

The pearls of wisdom section fills out quite nicely

Many pearls of wisdom surface on Day 2,
to share afew:

  • Shariah is sufficient to justify islam.
  • You can’t do haraam to achieve halaal.
  • The ends don’t justify a wrong means.
  • Knowledge precedes action.
  • Saying ‘i don’t know’ is half of knowledge
  • Have adab (respect) over who you want to learn from
  • Be respectful in our speech to Allah swt
  • Thank Allah for being a practicing believer
  • Forgetfulness is not a sin Or reason that warrants punishment
  • Accept the qadr of Allah

Surah Yusuf presents the biography of the Prophet Yusuf AS in concise story form that ties up nicely at the end.

The course was a weekend well spent undertaking the epic journey of the Prophet Yusuf AS – From being a little boy who’s tested to growing with age and prophethood. A free man sold as a slave, not just any free man sold into to slavery but he was a prophet of Allah SWT. It makes us refflect on our own lives and tests as humans and serves as a reminder that Allah has tested and placed challenges for us and all those who came before us, even the beloved prophets (peace be upon them). In totality one walks out of a course like this already applying the lessons to ones life. May we always strive to grow in knowledge that will be of benefit to us.

Keep an eye out for courses in your country.

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