Event Review |Ramadan : A prescribed Eemaan booster

Event Review |Ramadan : A prescribed Eemaan booster

Eemaan boost review
Ramadan : A prescribed Eemaan booster was a workshop that steered away from the regular pre-ramadan workshops which focus specifically on fiqh and fasting. Instead, this great course was as the name indicated, an eemaan boost not only for Ramadan, but a way to identify the imaan highs and routines to forge and take forward into the rest of the year.

As believers we go through highs and lows in our imaan, in our salah, in our lifes when under duress. Do we cry in our salah because we have khushoo or because we feel nothing? There are many wonderful gems that have been collated from this workshop and will be shared in a Pearls of Wisdom post.

There is knowledge that we acquire at metaphoric ‘foot of our teachers’ that supercedes self study or learning off recorded lectures.  Physical and mental presence is a catalyst for the heart and knowledge seekers on many levels… presence is indeed part of the Imaan Boost. It creates a connection , unity, blessings of being in a gathering where Allah swt is remembered and also reaping the benefits of the duas made during the gathering.

Muallima Roshaan Misbach presents in a manner that makes every person in the audience feel like she’s holding a personal conversation with them. Her eloquence and articulation of stories that resonate with each person is profound. She shares many gems and beautiful insights that she has collected and implemented into her own spirituality – and is a sterling example of indicating that one take forward what one has learnt, firstly by implementing it and then by sharing it.

The Eemaan boost workshop brought new perspective to many individuals for their upcoming Ramadan with lessons far reaching beyond the Ramadan ‘timezone’. If anything, find and track and hold onto everything that connects you to Allah in spiritual elevation – That in itself is profound. Subhanallah.

The workshop was concise and presented great impacting aspects like :
Creating a Spiritual Quraan
Radiant Ramadan Reminders[view link]
Exploration of Duas from the Quraan and favorite duas from the audience.
Creating a dua list.

Having attended many Ramadan workshops, it was impressive to walk away from this one with a game plan for ones imaan for ramadan, as well as new skills to implement into ones spiritual life.

We make dua that Allah swt blesses all those who were part assisting with this workshop. Please stay tuned for our Pearls of wisdom post as well as a post on creating a spiritual Quraan. Insha allah.

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