Review: Yasmin Mogahed’s South Africa Tour

Review: Yasmin Mogahed’s South Africa Tour

Yasmin Mogahed‘s South African Tour  by AlBurujpress was definitely one of the noteworthy events of 2017 in the MuslimahLifestyle calendar. South Africa is opening its doors to more prolific speakers of the Muslim world and a female speaker is definately a level up. The turnout over Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town was phenomenal, Masha Allah.

2 Events per city proved to be intensive, yet the topics catered for women of all ages. Ustaadha Yasmin’s workshops were packed with lots of implementable tools to enhance your life and find balance and harmony.

In Search of Love was a good change from other marriage workshops. It presented a more intellectual, psychological discourse which was rich in implementable tools on identity, conflict resolution, re-framing societal stigmas. This was a  very interesting workshop for self-actualization seated in the Islamic perspective. There were many great points creating sustainable healthy relationships.
See Review on : In Search of  Love ( To be uploaded on 2 August 2017)

Seeking Solace dealt with various avenues of tests, sabr, loss and realignment on focus towards Allah SWT.  Many of the attendees of this session are traversing self-evaluation, self betterment as well as dealing with the various realities of lifes tests. Ustaadha Yasmin explores  Resilience by addressing the concept of building a sanctuary, re-framing the understanding of sabr and ultimately the rights that one has over oneself.

See Review on: Solace (Will be uploaded on 3 August 2017)

Books were on sale as well.
Reclaim your heart (Read our Review) is now in its revised edition with 4 new chapters.  Love and happiness is the latest publication by Yasmin Mogahed.

Here are some pictures from the conference from all 3 cities.
Image Credits: Alburujpress and Muslimahlifestyle


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