3 Radiant Ramadan Reminders

3 Radiant Ramadan Reminders

3 Radiant Ramadan Reminders is taken from the Ramadan : A Prescribed Eemaan Booster Workshop.
This is Part 2 of our Review Series. Read Part 1 here.

3 Radiant Ramadan Reminders | www.muslimahlifestyle.com

What does Allah say to us in the quraan about Ramadan?
Verses of Surah Baqarah that indicate means of attaining taqwa, being grateful and being rightly guided.
View verses below with notes.

Surah Baqarah (2:183)

Fasting is prescribed for you so that you may attain taqwa. This verse is your point of reference. This is what allah swt is saying directly to you.


1)Basically  fasting gives you – taqwa- وقي -which is to do what Allah wants you do and abstain from what Allah prohibits for fear if you don’t do it than you displease Allah. Taqwa is to protect or shield  yourself.

Consider a doctors prescription  for chronic conditions like diabetes , cholesterol is medicine

Most of us will take these medications because we  do not want to die. Similarly, Allah swt’s prescription for spiritual disease  is fasting.
If we practiced upon that we will not be afflicted by many physical / chronic illnesses. Thus to avoid spiritual death we need to fast.

In order to gain closess to Allah swt outside the timezone of Ramadan, then you should observe fasting.

Three days of every month: Abu Hurayrah and Abu Tharr  said: “TheProphet  advised us never to quit (praying) the two Rak’ahs of Ad-Dhuha, and the Witr (prayer) before going to bed (at night); and to fast three days of every month. It is desirable if these days are the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth days (of each lunar month).” [Muslim]




Notes: Quraan is prescribed for you so that you may be grateful (Shukr)


2) Quraan was sent for guidance in month of Ramadaan so that you can experience and show  appreciation (Shukr) or gratefulness.


Surah Baqarah (2:186) | www.muslimahlifestyle.com

Notes: Dua has been prescribed to you so that you may be rightly guided

3) Dua.  Make dua so that you may be rightly guided.

Take these 3 Radiant Ramadan Reminders and consciously implement them into your Ramadan this year. It will enable you to be focussed and conscious, and insha Allah be amongst those who are righteous, grateful and rightly guided. Allahumma Ameen.



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