Upcoming Event: Interested in Studying at the Madina University?

Upcoming Event: Interested in Studying at the Madina University?

Madrasatur-Raoof  based in Cape Town, Department of Sharee’ah Studies will be hosting a presentation for all students interested in applying to study at the Islamic University of Madeenah (Saudi Arabia).

Presentation itinerary:

1.Outline and explain the procedures and requirements for applying at the Madeenah University.

2. Information about various faculties and courses that the University offers.

3.Include a video presentation of the Campus in Madeenah.

The Presentation will be conducted by the President of SAMSA (South African Madeenah Students Association) Sheikh Khalid Abduroaf, and other students currently studying at the Islamic University.

Venue: Madrasatur-Raoof Lecture Room in Highlands Estate

Date: Saturday 23 July 2011

Time: 10:30am – 11:30am

For information please contact Sheikh Khalid Abduroaf on:  0845863363 / 0216381997

Directions to Venue:

From Philippi police station driving towards Schaapkraal,
pass the circle (spar on the right),
and drive towards the T-junction.
At the T-junction, turn left (the road will bend),
drive passed the cultivation fields on your left until you see a gravel road to the left, pass that gravel road, and turn left by the following gravel road (Dietrich road).
Drive down the gravel road about 2 minutes, and you will see a green double story complex on your left. The lecture room is inside the building. The masjid is in the building adjacent to the double story Madrasah complex.

Additional links: Madina University website (select the language medium best suited for you, eg. English)
and Wikipedia synopsis of The Islamic University of Madeenah

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