Ramadan: A Prescribed Eemaan Boost

Ramadan: A Prescribed Eemaan Boost

Ramadan_  A prescribed Eemaan Booster(3)

Ramadaan : A Prescribed Eemaan Booster
Patient : Believers
Diagnosis: Heart Disease
Prescription: Fasting
Duration: 30 Days
Result: Piety

Allah Ta’ala, prescribes for us Ramadan – a month in which to recharge and boost our Eemaan.

If your Eemaan was a mobile phone how many bars is your Eemaan on?
Is it fully charged?
Is it low? Is it on 3 or 2 bars?
Maybe it is beeping as an alert that it might lose its battery power soon?

Our souls are boosted by Siyaam (fasting) , Taraweeh, Qur’an etc – but is that enough?
How do we retain this boost during the remaining months of the year?
How will we ensure that our Eeman does not run low or worst, run out completely.

This workshop will inspire you to reap the benefits and blessings of this Ramadan. It is a stepping stone in preparation, and a way to align yourself to embracing Ramadan whole heartedly, Insha allah.

Date: Sunday 31st May 2015
Venue: Crescent Girls Hall, Parlock
Time: 8.30 – 16:00
Ramadaan:   A Prescribed Eemaan Booster
Fee: R200- includes tea & lunch

0837863814  Fawzia
0844316387  Razia
0825550787  Naseema
Email registration –fawzia@meis.co.za

After spending a life changing weekend in Muallimah Roshaan’s company during the “Reclaim your Heart” workshop Durban. We were inspired  to have another workshop so that more sisters could benefit from the Experience

All surplus funds will go towards Mohamed Ebrahim Islamic School- Chatsworth

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