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Value of Parents in the age of Modernity

Ramadan is that time of year where we reflect alot on our lives, loved ones and other associations. It is that time of year that bonds us to our responsibilities and gives us new sight to elements of value in our lives. How do we give value to our parents in this age of modernity? We’re taught to respect them. Treat them with honour and bestow kindness upon them. They gave birth to us, nurtured us, shaped and molded us into who we now are. “And lower unto them the wing of submission and humility through mercy and say:...

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Ramadan Thoughts – We made it!

The month of Ramadhan is one that most of us look forward to. Sometimes we anticipate its commencement as soon as the month of Rajab is ushered in and at other times, we feel the nervous excitement dawing and only once we’re a few days into Ramadhan do we remember exactly why this wonderful, sacred month is so beloved to us. For a major part of the year, we are all caught up in the drama of our lives – the highs and lows. There are times when we feel giddy with excitement and others where our days are darkened with minor or major calamities. Our spiritual states aren’t always at a peak and we find ourselves engaged in a host of activities that continue to drain at our connection to Allah, leaving us frazzled and out of sorts. Often we are unaware of this and seek cures in various other avenues, not knowing the true reason for our unrest. The intrinsic nature of a human being is to be at harmony with Allah. To embrace ones spirituality, not just stipulate it to a certain day or a certain time period but to fully live each day with the awareness of Allah. This is how we thrive, mentally and physically. Alas, it is easier said than done and that’s why when Ramadhan comes around, we are given an excuse...

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Rekindling Hijab Awareness

Often it is difficult to wrap ones mind around the concept of hijab. Beyond it being one of the laws for muslimahs to follow, there are personal reactions that influence our mental construct of hijab. Part of what draws a woman to hijab and allows to her to take that step into donning it, is the increasing awareness and desire for modesty. Her spirituality is heightened and as a result she seeks out all the ways in which she can declare love for the Creator. Women have undoubtedly been gifted with one of the most beautiful forms amongst creation....

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Beginners Guide to Hijab: Hijab Disclaimer

As you insert the final pin that will hold your hijab firmly in place, you are brimming with the light of Imaan. Your face illuminated with noor. Round and radiant like the full moon. There is no bitterness. You feel enlightened and empowered. With that flowing scarf upon your head, you are ready to take on the world… But no one ever mentions the difficulty that you will encounter when you step out of your bedroom door. No one mentions the opposition you will face. Not just from people who are not Muslim but from those who are. Sometimes...

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