The Ramadan Muslim

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It’s the month of Rajab, a Shabaan away from Ramadhan. She is watching her TV shows, listening to her favourite music. She’s interacting freely with the guys and giggling with her female friends. To all outward appearances, she seems the quintessential ‘Good Times Girl’. Deen is the last thing on her mind, you think. And she may not even be wearing a hijab. You look at her, inwardly disapproving. “How some people can be so unaware of deen is beyond me”! We’ve heard the phrase before; it may have even passed through our own lips.

Days go by and the 15th of Shabaan draws near. She mentions to you to remember her in your duaas that night and you grudgingly wonder how she even knows about this blessed night but over the next few days, nothing seems to have changed. Shes going on as she always has and you shake your head self-righteously.

Then the crescent moon of Ramadan is sighted and like that sliver of moon adorning the sky, you see the good times girl donning a hijab. What’s this you wonder, sh’ell probably take it off after Ramadan. You see her abstaining from music and television and you barely stifle a derisive snort. She begins to say inshaAllah and Alhamdulillah and you remark to your friends that she now thinks she’s become “too holy”.

Then one day while loitering with your friends at the wudhu khana, chatting and gossiping, she politely enquires whether you are finished using the facility as she would like to make wudhu, you feel affronted at the interruption and as you walk away with your friends, you remark: “she didn’t read salaah out of Ramadan and now she’s making such a big deal.” Little did you know about the tears that later ran down in hurt as she stood before her Creator pleading for His forgiveness and guidance on to the straight path.
We forget sometimes that Allah is All-Knowing and He sees clearly what is in the hearts of His creation. You critically stare down those you deem Ramadhan Muslims but indeed what is Ramadhan but a chance to get closer to Allah, an opportunity for redemption. Yes, a Muslim should be a Muslim for all times and places but the fact that this Muslim is making an effort to better themselves during this month is a sign that there is hope. Maybe this will be the Ramadan where Allah turns the tide and their good deeds continue throughout the year.

So the next time you judgementally disregard someone, spare a duaa for the Ramadhan Muslim instead because hidayat comes from Allah and tomorrow something may change and the Ramadhan Muslim could be you.

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