Dua Toolbox: Salah & Parents

Dua Toolbox: Salah & Parents

Muslimah Lifestyle’s Dua Toolbox brings to you 2 amazing duas from Surah Ibrahim. These duas appear in sequence within Surah Ibrahim and have great benefit and much gravity.

Add these verses to your daily supplications, memorise them, save them on your phone, teach it to your children, insha Allah.


Surah Ebrahim, Verse 40: Dua for allah swt to make you and your progeny punctual in establishing the Salah.

Surah Ebrahim , Verse 41: Dua for  forgiveness of yourself, your parents and the Ummah

May Allah SWT reward our efforts and grant that we make the best duas for our parents and our progeny. Allahummah Ameen

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