Do you need advice?

Do you need advice?

Advice? Do you need advice? Who do you turn to?
Often we turn to people who make up our trust circle. On a deeper level, HOW DO WE TURN TO ALLAH? Where do we find avice from Allah?
Life is full of uncertainty, and the intrinsic part of life is to internalise your experiences and try to make the best of it. Try to grow and adapt to situations. Often these situations are not within our control.  Allah swt has given us numerous advices in the quraan, it is after all the words of Allah swt and we need to be able to open ourselves up to taking this supreme advice.

As humans we are emotive beings.  We do not exist in a vaccuum, our emotions affect us and our ability to cope with day to day events; this may even lead to us becoming despondent, depressed and feelings of worthlessness.  Many times when we are experiencing diffficulty people will tell us  to recite the quraan or to find solace within the pages of the quraan.  How do we do this?

The world is made up of all types of people, we all could not be scholars or students of knowledge, or even mufassireen. We need to remember that the quraan was created for all of mankind, even the everyday person. This should encourage us. Often we need encouragement to come to us in a manner which is conherent to us in terms of language and explainations that are simple, so that we can ponder and reflect as well as implement into our lives.

Below is a list of advices one can find in the quraan.  In the coming days this list will be explored and expanded upon, so we can insha-allah provide simple explanations for dealing with these topics that affect us. viz. Sadness, regret from sin, loneliness.

Find Advice in the Quraan

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