Aakhira Goals: Death is Short

Aakhira Goals: Death is Short

As the adage goes, Life is short, but that’s not really a thing – As a muslim, death is short. You are moving from the limitations of the duniya, to the vastness of the aakhira. Actual death is just a moment. The beloved prophet Muhammad SAWS passed away at age 62, in some narrations 63 years old. Consider your life – 63 years minus your current age. That’s how long you have to live, if you’re lucky,

Gone are the times where people grew old and frail before passing away, many young people reach their demise with no health problems or unnatural disasters like accidents or murder.

There’s a profound review of  ones personal reality when someone your age passes away – Someone you knew, someone you grewup with, someone who was your friend.You’re left with the question of : I’m the same age, have i made my life count.


The age of social media is ever evolving to eat our time. The smart phone app now houses our quraans. The athaan App reminds you to pray, along with built in prayer tracker in case (*GASP*) in case you miss a prayer or worse, you may have many excuses to skip prayer -But the question that begs to be answered:

Are you making your life count?

Maybe you’re Miss  average Zainab or Average Yusuf, you go to work or school, you return home to your family if you have one, you barely have time after that to fulfill religious obligations, visit the sick , and pack on the rewards for the castle in Jannah. The reality is that you need to build your aakhira, your castles in jannah, you have to pave the way for a good end. How do you do this, we will explore it in our new series on Aakhira goals,  stay tuned for posts that will  traverse this topic and explore matters like worship, sadaqatul jaariya, waqfs,  duas,  good deeds and more – all with an end in mind. Our end… which is the beginning of our true journey home, to Jannah. Insha allah.

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