We’re Launching a Tech Muslimah Series

We’re Launching a Tech Muslimah Series

How do you as a muslimah interact with technology?  How should you choose a good avatar? What fanpages are great on facebook? Who to follow on twitter? What blogs are you reading? Where is your source of online inspiration to stir your soul?  To address these topics  we’re brainstorming a Tech Muslimah Series to ensure our readers are Muslimah’s 2.0.

We live in an era where digital communication rules a lot of our lives. Everything from social media to banking, computers, the internet and even mobile phones. It is imperative to keep up to date with the changes in technology in order to get ahead in the world. The last century has seen many advancements that have set off a ripple effect into media and innovation. Muslim world is not bereft of the  digital revolution.

Over the last few years there  there has been the emergence of more Islamic websites,  web and mobile applications,  digital quraans, online universities, even blogs as the mobile evolution transitioned into web 2.0.
There cannot be enough emphasis as to how important it is to be aware of these changes in the world, as well as know how to use it beneficially. The worrying as well as exciting thing about technology is the dynamic change and improvement as well as its impact on the world.

Our Tech Muslimah series is for all  our aspiring geeks, the tech moms & grannies, facebookers, BBM addicts, twitter community as well as the serial social media enthusiast – There was a need to have a series like this as the digital divide is large amongst the older generation and the younger generation needs a nudge in the positive guidance. Many people renounce the internet  and staple it as a means that leads to Haraam.  This site is being used as a mimbar, or platform, of sharing knowledge and expertise which allows the sisterhood to connect with and learn from each other.

We will  cover basic how to’s and how not to. All our posts are written in the favourable islamic perspective with regards to technology, some posts may offer hand-holding and step by step guides.

The main perspectives we are looking to instill are ‘Don’t criminalise technology’ and
‘How to represent yourself as a tech muslimah online’ – this will address the Muslimah identity on the various public media platforms that are available on the internet. We are essentially looking to pave the  way to connect with the positive islamic spaces available on the internet,  instructional focus how to use free online islamic universities and  pointers on how to attend digital courses on the internet from the comfort of your home. Alhumdulillah! So many awesome options available at your fingertips.

The twitter fad is climbing the ranks  therefore a step by step guide on how to use twitter and a collection of streams to follow will be available. The list of our prospective coverage is exstensive and we hope you will enjoy this series, as well as grow in terms of knowledge and awareness of your Islamic identity in relation to technology and the digital life it enables.

Should you wish to contribute to this series or have any pointers/suggestions please mail our admin on style[dot]muslimah[at]gmail[dot]com

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