Webinar Review: Mesmerised

Webinar Review: Mesmerised

Mesmerised by the Might of your Creator hosted by I am Alima was a brilliant 2 hour webinar open to listeners accross the globe. Many beautiful stories, and gems from real people in relation to their lives, as well as stories that touch you because the speakers share from their own experiences. It allows the the audience identify with their humanity as everyday people

Gems from the webinar:

  • Be grateful to Allah. Be thankful to allah. Establishing the salah is a way to increasing rizq. Keep family ties. Support students of knowledge. Go on hajj or umrah. Sadaqah is giving in the path of Allah. Getting married is also a way of increasing our rizq
  • strive to please allah swt.

  • Al Wadud – The loving one. We expect the ones we have rights over , and have rights over us, to love us. But sometimes they don’t, we must have faith in Allah’s love. Allah is Al-Wadud, who loves us the most. And sends people into our lives who genuinely love us.
  • We should learn to love Allah swt first, and everything else will fall into place.
  • Purify your heart. Purify your Aqeedah
  • Submit to Allah swt completely. And have faith that he will be sufficient for you.
  • work further to gain Allah swt’s love. Once Allah loves you, he makes others love you as well.
  • ponder upon the name of Allah, Ya Aleemu. It will enable you to draw strength from Allah.Don’t despair. Allah knows what you do not know.
  • Believing in the knowledge of Allah.
  • Some tests of Allah may have been for your betterment
  • Why does Allah swt defer punishment? Are we not grateful for Allah swt’s mercy? Allah swt’s forebearance is for us to return to him.
  • May Allah swt make us realise his forbearance
  • Know in your heart that allah swt has your best interests.
  • Tawakkul requires that after you have exhausted the means, the end result is with Allah swt. And we should be pleased with that.
  • Because we live in a world with things we can see and things we can’t see. We tend to rely on that which we can see. Your attachment and reliance is on Allah swt.
  • Alot of people place their reliance on money.
  • Tawakkul should not be on the money in the bank to take care of you. Have faith in Allah. When money is taken away from you, does it change your heart? That degree of change is an indication of your tawakkul.
  • The rope we should hold on to , is the rope of Allah Swt.
  • Every time a sadaqa opportunity arises. Never say no 🙂
  • Emotional pain and being stuck in it, it very difficult. It may have been an event. Or something that one has participated in. But there’s this pain. Sometimes we feel that Allah swt helps others, and you wonder if you are ever going to be okay.
  • There are still challenging times or triggers. Allah gives you the remedy to repair. What allah gives you is good for you. Ask allah to show you the wisdom. Allah has the ability to fix your heart. Allah even causes some sore memories to heal so you dont feel that pain any longer.

  • Patience is at the first stroke of calamity
  • Seek izzah from Allah
  • Allah owns everything, there is no reason for us to  be hypocrits.
  • Al-Azeez (The Mighty)
  • Ar-Razzaq -The Provider.
  • Allah swt provides for all of us. It is upon Allah to provide for us. Everything from the animals to the ants and whales.
  • Time, knowledte, energy , health, beauty, are all rizq.
  • Property, children, your spouse, you income, every resource was written for us before birth.
  • Everything has been written for us in the al-lawhul mahfooz, and knowing that it has been written is liberating. There shouldn’t be any ‘keeping up with the Jones’s’
  • There is blessing in your rizq

  • When you feel pain, make istighfaar.
  • We can do things, But your heart must really be in it. Have sincere faith in Allahs ability to heal you
  • Rizq has no numerical value. Ensure your earnings are halaal.
  • What are we doing for allah swt to provide for us?
  • Allah swt can mend anything and everything
  • When you keep asking allah to help you and heal you, he will.
  • Some people are activists, talking to others, and helping others heal. But all some are trying to do is heal themselves.
  • For every situation in life, there is a name of Allah to turn to!!!
  • Some people are activists, talking to others, and helping others heal. But all some are trying to do is heal themselves.
  • everyone goes through anxiety, pain, or even depression. Allah has created this. He can make it better. Allah swt wants us to become better believers.

  • Allah is Al-Qawiyyu (the most Strong)
  • Everything that you are going through, allah will give you the ability to deal with it.
  • Allah swt is listening to you. he is hearing you. Regardless of everything Allah is close to you. May allah protect us from shirk.
  • Pain never feels good when it happens. Allah knows somethings are bad for us. Regardless of how hard you pray for something. Put your trust in Allah.

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