Webinar: Find your Mr Right #3

Webinar: Find your Mr Right #3


Workshop #3

“Why am I Still Single After Looking for So Long?” – How to Remove Obstacles for Finding Your Mr. Right
with Megan Wyatt
Saturday May 25th @ 20:00 (GMT +2:00)

Tired of looking, and looking, AND looking for Mr. Right? Is it supposed to be this hard? Something we’ve learned over the years is that there might be obstacles in your way to find that man you want to marry (and actually like and click with), but that many of those obstacles are REMOVABLE!

It could be something within you that need to change, like your own belief or fears about marriage. Maybe you haven’t found the right network of people to ask? Perhaps you are sending the wrong message to potential suitors?

We’ll explore three main obstacles and discuss solutions for removing them bithnillah!

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