Webinar: Find your Mr Right #2

Webinar: Find your Mr Right #2



Workshop #2 “Radiating with Self-Confidence”
Simple Ways to Naturally Build your Self Confidence as a Woman
with Megan Wyatt
Saturday May 18th @ 20:00 (GMT +2:00)

It’s one thing to be confident, and it’s another to radiate with confidence as a woman! Natural confidence not only will allow you to move through the process of finding a spouse more smoothly, but will ensure that you don’t lower your standards for the wrong reasons, and once married, love more openly for all the right ones!

In this workshop, Megan will share with you five ways you can not just build your confidence, but discover with certainty why you have every reason to radiate with it, masha’Allah. So move over negative thinking, and “I’m not good enough talk!” It’s time for a mental makeover!


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