Upcoming Event: World of the Unseen

Upcoming Event: World of the Unseen

Event by Al-Kauthar  . Online Registration Open

Date: 17-18 September  (Starts 8:30AM)
Venue: DURBAN – UKZN Westville

Date: 24-25 September 2011
Venue: JOBURG – Wits Medical School

Cost: ZAR495

Instructor: Isam Rajab

After you leave this world, you will enter another. A world you cannot see but is a fundamental part of our belief. How can you begin to imagine this world? In this course you will learn about how Allah and then our Prophet [Salalllahu alaihi wasallam] describes the sequence of events beginning from the signs of the Hour, the Day of Judgement and all that occurs up until we enter upon our final destination either in the terrible torments of the Hellfire or the everlasting pleasures of Paradise.

And who believe in which has been sent down to you(Muhammad Peace be upon him) and in [the Books] which were sent down before you and they believe with certainty in the Hereafter. [Al-Baqarah 2:4]

You will learn about the following events:

  • Belief in the last day and its effects
  • The Hour and its signs
  • Death
  • Life in the barzakh
  • Al-Khaatimah -A persons end
  • Reward and punishment in the grave
  • The resurrection
  • The Great Gathering
  • Awaiting Judgement
  • Paradise and Hellfire
  • The reward of seeing Allah

Learning about the Hereafter with the correct understanding can end confusions caused by the matters of the Unseen. You will learn the matters of the Hereafter which are part of the core beliefs of a Muslim. This knowledge strengthens the Iman of a Muslim and aims to build Taqwa by establishing Love, Fear and Hope of Allah.

Enroll now by following the links:
17 – 18 Sep 2011 Durban – South Africa

24 – 25 Sep 2011 Johannesburg – South Africa

About the Instructor:

Isam Rajab

Dr. Isam Rajab was born in Kuwait and graduated with a BA in Shari’ah from the Islamic University of Madinah. He holds a Masters and Ph.D in Islamic Studies from California University.

He has over 10 years of experience as an Imam in the US and Kuwait. He has specialized and is licensed in the Inheritance system of Islam. He has 2 Ijazas in memorizing the Quran and is the author of a book about the Qira’at of the Qur’an.

Sheikh Isam has also recorded a number of programs for television, his shows have appeared on Ramadan TV and Islam Channel.

Dr Isam is also the founder and Director of AREES Institute. Sheikh Isam currently resides in Damascus with his family, and we are pleased that he has added AlKauthar to his list of dawah efforts.

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  1. Dreamlife

    These courses always have such awesome posters and advertising. I wish Al-Kauthar would expand to Cape Town too….

  2. Fathima


    The date at the beginning of the page for the course in Jhb is incorrect. It says 24 May instead of 24 September 2011. Thought you would like to know.

    • Hasina Suliman

      Shukran sister, the error has been amended.

  3. Faeezah Adams

    The posters are just the prelude to an awesome experience, perhaps for now you might attend one either in jhb or dbn?


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