Upcoming Event: Chronicles of the Shariah – The Evolution of Fiqh

Upcoming Event: Chronicles of the Shariah – The Evolution of Fiqh

Event by Al-Kauthar  . Online Registration Open

Date: 14-15 May 2011 (Starts 8:00 AM)
Venue: DURBAN – UKZN Westville – Senate Chamber

Date: 22-23 May 2011
Venue: JOBURG – Wits Medical School

Cost: ZAR495

An event focusing on how the Shariah evolve into a complex system of principles and rulings, enlightenment on the manner adopted by jurists of different madhabs to find answers to questions. A student of fiqh cannot hope to understand fiqh except with a proper understanding of how fiqh evolved and why it is in its present state and where it is going.

Take a journey into the history of the evolution of fiqh. Learn about the four Imams, their history, their madhabs, the major books and the specifics of every madhab.

* The importance of learning about the history of the Shariah.

* A look into the Quran and its principles.

* Detailed look at understanding the sunnah.

* Important details and conditions about Ijma.

* The evolution of fiqh in the eras of:
o Revelation
o Companions
o 40AH-100AH
o 100AH-320AH
o 320AH – present

* Detailed analysis of the 4 Imams and their effects on fiqh.

* The Usul of the different madhabs.

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