Event Review: The Victorious One – Seerah from the Madinian Period (pt.1)

Event Review: The Victorious One – Seerah from the Madinian Period (pt.1)

The Victorious One was a 2 day long course on the Seerah of the Prophet Muhammed SAWS from the Madinian Period , held in Durban as well as Johannesburg.

There are many tales from the seerah which we discover as we go through life, most deeply seated in historic events. This brilliant course, the victorious one, draws on on human insight and the reality of the life of Nabi SAWS. It lets you consider his character and personality in relation to the world and propogating deen- as well as the struggles and approaches when dealing with people so as not to force or hurt anyones feelings, but rather to encourage them towards the islamic perspective.

Shaykh Mohammed Cheppih begins by reading aloud the Final Sermon of the Prophet SAWS. It reminds one of the message of Islam and the finality of revelation. AlKauthar cleverly afforded each student a beautiful laminated copy of the final sermon, perfect to stick up on the fridge as a reminder.

We traverse the seerah from the point of hijrah to madina, contemplating on ‘What did Madina look like?’ –
A brief snippet of the movie The Message is shown where the arrival of the Prophet SAWS is marked by the singing of “Twala al Badroo Alayna” See clip below. (Apologies for being unable to get a version with english subtitles)


One may question “Why watch bits of a movie in the course?” Simply put it serves and a means to contextualize the journey of the seerah, by visually allowing the students to identify the state of orignal Madina, the anticipation of the muslims to receive the Prophet SAWS as well as the ambience that lead to the selection of the site for the building of Masjid-Al-Quba. This initial depiction, sets the scene for the rest of the course, the students being presented with an all new perspective on the Seerah – The emotive perspective of being human in relation to the teachings of Islam.

The building of the masjid al quba shows the laying of  the foundation of the masjid as well the palm leaves for the roof,and the course steers to the perspectives of masaajid.

Students evaluated the perspective on whether or not the masjid in our community is fulfilling its roles for muslims. With focus on South Africa there are many mixed emotions about the lack of accommodation for women in masaajids, in parts of our country viz, Durban and Johannesburg.

The Battle of Badr draws light on a variety of conditions for war and a brief synopsis is present by Shayk Ismail Kamdar. A clip of the battle is seen and is met with astonished amusement that the muslims went to war chanting as if happy to be striving in the path of Allah SWT for the purpose of deen.

Pearls of Wisdom from Shaykh Ismail Kamdar:

  • The islamic definition of TawaKkul is to do everything you can, and then only whatever is beyond your ability you place your trust in Allah! (Abu Muawiyah Ismail Kamdar)
  • Succes doesn’t happen overnight. The Battle of Badr was a climax of 15 years of hardship! Allah will help you when the time is right and when you have proven yourself. (Abu Muawiyah Ismail Kamdar)
  • The Problem in our ummah is that we all want the world to change, we all want khilaafah, but we all expect 1 person to do it. We have a lot of ideas but we don’t want to implement it.  (Abu Muawiyah Ismail Kamdar)
  • When we die, people are not going to miss our great ideas, but they will miss the great work we have done! (Abu Muawiyah Ismail Kamdar)

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  1. tawlib

    Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh

    The singing of “Twala al Badroo Alayna” when the Prophet Sallallahu ‘Alaihi wa salam entered madina is not something that is confirmed. I hope that Shaykh Mohammed Cheppih mentioned this to you guys when he played the clip.

    The Claim:
    When he (The Messenger – Sallallahu ‘Alaihi wa salam) came to Madina, the Women and children began to sing:
    ‘Tala’al Badru ‘Alainaa’ (The full moon has risen upon us)
    ‘Min Thaneeyaatil Wadaa’ (From Thaneeyatil Wadaa’(one of the entrances into Madina))
    ‘Wajabash Shukru ‘Alainaa’ (Giving thanks is mandatory upon us)
    ‘Maa Da’aa Lillahi Daa’ (As long as there is a caller calling to Allah)

    The ruling is that the hadith is weak.
    (Collected by Abul Hasan al khala’ee in Al Fawaa’id 2/59 and Baihaqi in ‘Dalaa’il 2/233 there are three missing narrators from its chain so it is considered ‘Mu’dhal’)

    Ibn al Qayyim rejects this claim with his statement:
    “It is clear conjecture, because thaneeyatul Wadaa’ is in the direction of shaam (Syria, Jordon region) hence the one who comes from Makkah to Madinah, doesnt even see it! except if he heads towards Shaam“
    (Zaadul Ma’aad 3/13)

    Wa alaikum salaam warahmatullahi wa barakatuh

    • Hasina Suliman

      Assalaamu alaykom
      thanks for taking the time out to read this post. I should clarify, the clip was shown as a depiction of original madina not specifically focusses on “Twala al badroo alayna”. The contextualization of awaiting the arrival of prophet SAWS, the absence of technology, the psychological perspective of that era of time in islam, the vast desert and so on. To affirm the course focus was specifically on how to emulated lessons from the seerah into ones life and character , as you will see in the upcomming parts of the review.

      Jzk khair for sharing the information on your comment 🙂

      • tawlib

        Jazakallah khair
        Well Done on the Blog
        Keep it going
        Wa alaikum salaam warahmatullahi wa barakatuh

  2. Dreamlife

    You make me jealous every time you post one of these event reviews…(because these courses don’t run here)



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