Site Review: Sisters of Sunnah

Site Review: Sisters of Sunnah

sisters of Sunnah

In this day an age of innovation we find ourselves more inclined to seeking knowledge. For many sisters, travelling out is not an option. Webinars have been a great source of learning from the home. MuslimahLifeStyle brings to you yet another wonderful mean to aid knowledge acquisition.

Sisters of Sunnah is an online Muslimah Community for Sisters only. They are running 24/7 with schedule live classes. Please click the Join live button below to view,17198946


Take a tour of the site and recommend it to other sisters who would like to grow in knowledge. Some of the sessions are streamed from youtube, and provides and easy way to learn without having to source information yourself. There are many beneficial lecturs as well as islamic trivia which is available via the forums as well as from guest speakers.


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