Review: The Barakah Effect Workshop

  • Increase that which brings you closer to Allah.
  • How do you measure Barakah?
  • Barakah al Jamal – When the camel sits and refuses to wake up
  • Vuca – Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity.

How do you explain that giving away money increases your blessings?

What is the Hustle culture?|

Put aside faith and value for worldly attainment.
We’re sold on the hustle culture.

How to develope the concept of a Barakah culture.

Energy + Focus x Time = Output.

Gardener vs Carpenter mindset.

outcomes are with allah.

Its difficulf for people to say they’re no in control.

We think our effort is what gets the result.

Nuh AS is a good example of fruits of our labor. His son refused to embark the boat.

If its all written, whats the point?

Free will + Natural Law +Allah’s permission = Outcome

Draw table

Hadith on the Bird:
Work for it
Allah will send it.

Some sustenance is easy, Some sustenance will require some work.

refer to photos green slide

How man times have you wanted some thing and you neglected your salah.

You want and allah wants.

Nothing can happen without Allah’s permission.

Draw a treee of the roles taht you fulfil. You have to make choices.

Haqq or huqooq: The body has a right. The spouse has rights. Your neighbours have a right.

Reflect and question within yourself whether you’re not fulfilling your obligation.

Foel shop in Makkah.

Maybe you practice everythign but something is missing.

Have sincerity and work hard with sincere intention.

Reevaluate yourself.

Barakah experiment.

Salah is not meditation.

What will your Barakah story be? Maybe its your book, children, NGO.

If you pray istikara regularly on your decisions, what is the impact of Allah on your life?

What prevents Barakah? Sinning. Make abundant istighfaar.

We are missing the research by not linking our daily living to Islam.

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