Review : Al Mustafa – The Chosen One

Review : Al Mustafa – The Chosen One

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Don’t simply  learn the Sunnah, LIVE the Sunnah! How is this possible? Often we encounter the Seerah as historic information, but to allow the Sunnah to filter into our lives requires extracting pertinent information followed by action.

AlMustafa – The Chosen One is a unique course that gives one insight not only to the life of the Prophet SAWS, but it allows you to encounter the concept of the Sunnah, as a verb. An implementable view of Dawah, strategies, communication, family life, marriage advice and wisdom is presented to the student in a manner that makes it easy to aspire to living the Sunnah.

“The Prophet SAWS was of average height, and he towered above the elite of history” – How amazingly profound are these words? Can we begin to comprehend the reality of the Prophet SAWS as a person?  Traversing this course is as though you have allowed a portal into your heart that will take you back in time to the days of Nabi SAWS.

Presented by Shaykh Muhammed West of Cape Town- South Africa, one can see the Seerah is very close to his heart. Masha allah. This mesmerizing course is filled with imagery that lets you feel like you have had a birds eye view of the life of the Prophet SAWS, that you have met and experienced the personalities of each of the Ummahaat-al-Mu’mineen. It is an honour to be able to embrace understanding of the Mothers of the Believers in this way. The great battles of Islam and the demise of the Nabi SAWS are undoubtedly points that are extremely heart-wrenching; they  stir the hearts of students and moisten their eyes. Such is the immense love of the Prophet SAWS that transcends the passage of time. Subhanallah.

In the present day context, there are ample ways to grow in good deeds, yet one needs to realise the action points. During the course, alot of action points are made available  – From Hadith sharing like Bumper Stickers, to a collection of Shortcuts to Jannah [Article pending] that leave one feeling hopeful of growing one’s good deeds. The amazing reality of the trials and tribulations of the Sahabah and being reminded of the reality that Allah swt is indeed ‘Ar Rahmaan Ar Raheem’ (The Most Merciful, The Especially Merciful’)

Every time one encounters the life of the Prophet SAWS one has a choice to read it like a story, or to internalize it as an implementable guide to conduct, deeds, character and life. Ultimately the decision is yours to take. Equipping yourself with knowledge is the first step to growing in knowledge and action. This course has numerous action points that empower the you with positive aspiration and drive.

Do you love the Prophet SAWS? You do? Then take every opportunity to implement the Sunnah. Remember, we can only be raised amongst the Ahlus-Sunnah if we implement the Sunnah.

Stay tuned for Part 2 : Shortcuts to Jannah [Article Pending] &  Part 3: Pearls of Wisdom  [Article Pending]
of our Review Series for this Course :AlMustafa, the Chosen ONE.



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