Niqab for Beginners: I WANT to wear the Niqab / Purdah

Niqab for Beginners: I WANT to wear the Niqab / Purdah

Guest post by  Zaakirah Kadwa

Congratulations, my dear sister for intending to adopt the Niqab!
Alhumdulillah, it is solely due to the grace, Rahma and love that your creator has for you that he has chosen you to embark on this this noble and admirable journey…

Niqab for Beginners -
A journey wherein you discover yourself from a new perspective.  This, my dear sister, is the beginning of a beautiful relationship with your Muslimah identity. Being brave enough to  move forward in the direction of donning the niqab indicates that you are earnest to  nurture this deep  respect for Allah’s rules of segregation between the genders. Yes, the niqab serves as a safety-net, a source of removing unwanted attention and many others; the physical barrier between the genders.

Many good deeds and points of khair are accompanied by tests and challenges.  Try to remain positive in the face of adversity. Be prepared to encounter challenges along the way- Rest assured, this journey is worth it all!

The decision of wearing the niqab is not merely covering the face with a piece of cloth. Infact, along with this piece of cloth comes a wave of responsibility. It is a means to represent your identity as a Muslim ;  You no longer represent yourself to the world, you represent the collective identity of the Muslim Woman. Alhumdulillah, it is a great honour and privilege. It is for you to uphold this beacon of hayaa that shines out to the world.

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