Niqab for Beginners: Dealing with Prejudice

Niqab for Beginners:  Dealing with Prejudice

Guest Post by Zaakirah Kadwa

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Depending on where you live in the world, often donning the niqab is subjected to a great deal of prejudice and responsibility. The beauty of the niqab and the reason for which is is worn, is often not fully understood by everybody.
Non-Muslims especially and surprisingly many Muslim too…. Both men as well as women – Are often confused about the niqab.

Questions which are often asked:

1. Why do you wear it?

2. Do you wear it at home too? Who is allowed to see your face?

3. How will you get married?

It is advisable that you equip yourself with answers to these type of questions. People will enquire about the niqab and will ask about it from different perspectives. Don’t be stumped or feel undermined, shallow or intimidated. Sometimes people don’t expect a woman in niqab to voice an opinion nor comment. Some people are insulting but don’t let it bother you.  Also, visiting public arenas like the beach and theme parks where you really want to hop onto all the rollercoaster rides may make you abit uncomfortable with the niqab.
None of these places are NIQAB-friendly, but remain steadfast and determined to observe wearing the niqab! Don’t allow criticisms to deter you- be confident and express your love for adorning the niqab! There are many muslim women who wear the niqab happily for the pleasure of Allah SWT

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  1. Farzana

    I would love to be able to drape my hijab as the sister has in the above picture. Does anyone know how to? If so, if you would be able to explain, it would be much appreciated. Shukran


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