Muslimah(Life)Style Welcomes 2012

Assalaamu Alaykom Dear Readers,

Alhumdulillah another new year is upon us. It suffices to say that unless you live in an Islamic country, you follow the Gregorian calendar. As much as the holiday season has drawn to a close or is nearing the end for many of us, it signifies a point of much anticipation. Some people are heading back to school, some returning from vacation and back to the jobs that pay the bills, setting goals for the year and a variety of other exciting and motivational activities that will be carried into the year ahead. Don’t forget to set religious goals for yourself, like donning the hijab 🙂 or learning the 40 ahadith, or even more stringent goals like reciting the quraan daily, Insha-allah. Are you out of ideas? View our Muslimah Bucketlist for some inspiration.

It’s an exciting time for Muslimah(Life)Style, we saw 2011 breathe life into the project that is Muslimah(Life)Style and it has slowly gained momentum. We have since been part of a Dawah Initiative with our first hijab event, followed by 2 smaller events.
Muslimah(Life)Style’s Hijab and Niqab Support Group has found a space to germinate and grow social media branches. The year drew to a close with a variety of events that are now pending review, not to mention brilliant Faith and Fashion week with particular attention on Rabia Z’s fashion. Our upcoming December recap will have a lil something for everyone, and tons of great pictures.

2012 will see the official launch of Muslimah(Life)Style in a premium space, Insha-Allah.  We thank you for all your support and duas for this initiative. There are various new series, competitions, workshops and concurrent projects that will emerge during the year. There will be something for everyone including little girls, so expect surprises. We look forward to having you at our public events, so stay tuned

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On behalf of the Muslimah(Life)Style team i’d like to wish each and every one of you barakah in your respective lives, may allah rain his blessings on you and make you from amongst the righteous.

Live the Muslimah(Life)Style!

Barakallahu Feekum

Hasina Suliman

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