Msquared: Eid Feature

Msquared: Eid Feature

Featured Designer: Maryam Majiet  of Msquared. Visit her blog

Dress: Msquared
Blazer: Stallenbosch market
Bag: Mom from the 80’s
Scarf and Bracelet: China Town
Shoes: Zoom
Make up: Inglot

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  1. Fatima

    This whole ensemble is so stunning! MashAllah! 🙂

  2. pretty lady's

    I love how the dress flows and the front detail. Stunning

  3. Tasneem Davids

    i love your designs. Do you sell to the public and how do i contact you?

  4. Jemiela

    Really love this look , How do I contact you as I am interested in purchasing?


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