Mosque opening: Masjid-ul-Furqaan

Mosque opening: Masjid-ul-Furqaan

The Muslim community of the leafy suburb of Houghton, Johannesburg, recently held their official opening weekend of Masjid-ul-Furqaan. The Houghton Muslim Association provided separate opening days for men and women so that all members of the community could tour the facilities freely.

After beautiful renditions of Urdu Nazm’s and recitation of Quraan, Moulana Sulaiman Ravat, the keynote speaker, addressed the importance of Muslim women in the community and as the facilitators of Deen in their homes. He stressed the importance of seeking success in all aspects of our lives, yet always trying to persevere for success in the Hereafter. This was a very apt topic as the
evening to come was the night of Laylatul-Baraat, the Night of Emancipation.

After a brief prayer, the ladies took a tour of the beautifully constructed facilities. The architecture is simple, yet elegant. The use of natural light illuminates the décor and areas of the Masjid in a subtle fashion. A water feature was supposed to be built in the centre of the Masjid, but many thought it might prove to be hazardous for children, so the idea was cancelled. The ladies prayer area is
situated behind the main salaah hall, is easy to find and is of an adequate size. There are quite a few classrooms that have been built for the use of Islamic education for the growing Muslim community. After the tour, refreshments were provided and enjoyed by all.

Windows above the Wudhu Facilities

The Masjid is 90% complete, and there are a few issues that do need to be addressed, for example, a lot of ladies were not pleased that the salaah facilities did not cater for women to follow with the fardh salaah of the Jamaah. However, the Imam of the mosque did mention that this is one issue that is still under consideration. As a Muslimah that enjoys the sukoon (tranquility) and happiness that
performing salaah with the congregation brings, I do hope that this issue is given serious thought and that all members of the Muslim community can benefit from using the Mosque, InshAllah.

May Allah allow Masjid-ul-Furqaan to serve as a means of enlightenment in the
Muslim community and beyond, Ameen.

Contact the Houghton Muslim Association, or visit Masjid-ul-Furqaan via

Physical Address:
52 Second Avenue,  Houghton, Johannesburg, 2198

Postal Address:
P.O. Box 1274, Houghton, 2041

Tel: 0826700048

Fax: 086 659 9194

E mail:

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  1. Faeezah Adams


    May this mosque be a means of guiding many of our Brothers & Sisters InshaAllah.

  2. Hasina Suliman

    Ameen Faeezah!

    Loving the mimbar – and color contrast of the interior. Exterior reminds me of Masjid-al-Hilal in durban

  3. poshnmodest

    Its now been announced by Moulana Ridwaan Ismail, Imam of Masjidul Furqan that ladies are allowed to follow the Imam (with Jamaah).

    • Hasina Suliman

      Shukran for sharing. Will add a footnote to the blogpost. Much appreciated sister 🙂

  4. Rezai

    Subhanallah .. What a wonderfull mosque.. I like it


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