More excuses for not wearing the Hijab

More excuses for not wearing the Hijab

Some sisters cant wear hijab, others are forced to take it off, while others fight for the right. These “Excuses don’t change reality”, They lend to a false sense of comfort in disobedience of Allah (The Most Great)

Excuse #1

I don’t wear Hijab because it reduces the chance of me finding a husband.

–         the kind of man you want to attract should be a righteous one who will love you AND your hijab, which is a symbol of obedience to Allah Almighty

Excuse #2

My parents/ Husband don’t mind me NOT wearing Hijab/ prefer me not wearing Hijab.

–         Your Allah has commanded you to wear Hijab. You have to ask yourself the question… Who do you love more??? Your love for Allah should surpass any other love.

Excuse #3

I enjoy wearing colour, black is so tired and old?


–         There is no restriction of colour placed on a Muslimah!

Excuse #4

I am NOT convinced of Hijab yet?

–         Abdul Hammed says: One should differentiate between two commands. HUMAN & DIVINE. Humans are subject to error. So a divine command doesn’t leave room for choice and reasoning.

Excuse #5

Your faith is in the HEART…

–         It is definitely true that faith IS in the Heart but as Shaykh NAvaid Aziz says:

It is impossible that someone has a pure heart with evil actions. And it is impossible that someone has good actions and they have a wretched heart. They go hand in hand. And this is why the Prophet (sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam) said there is a morsel of flesh in the body, if it is rectified the whole body is rectified, and if it is corrupt then the whole body is corrupt; indeed it is the heart.

If there is faith in your heart dear sister, allow it to manifest itself into righteous deeds.


Excuse #6

I have not received inspiration to wear the scarf yet

–         Open your heart to the beauty of Allah and you will receive guidance. Allah shall not deny the longing of the heart.

“No change will you find in Allah’s way [of dealing]: No turning off will you find in Allah’s way [of dealing] Al Quran (35:43)


Excuse #7

Probably the most common one I have heard

“You’re still young, you need to enjoy yourself. Get married, have children first. Stop behaving like an old lady!”

Sister, don’t heed these baseless arguments. Does being young exempt you form dying at any time?? Alot of sisters are striving to don the scarf, my sincere duas are with you.

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  1. Mardeeya Jattiem

    Jazakillah for sharing this sister. I can definitely relate to excuse no.7. Sadly this is usually said by older females whom one normally looks up to for support and encouragement. May Allah make easy for us all, guide us and keep us all firm in His obedience.


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